Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vlog on my first year (finally!)

Hey everyone! I finally made a vlog about my first year of college. I'm so sorry about the long delay. I used my phone to record it because my webcam wasn't working that well. Sorry for the quality!
Also, I didn't go into too much detail in my vlog because I like to keep the privacy of my friends and that stuff.

I can say that I made great new friends and I had a great time. I had a first interesting year.

Oh. And here's a quick picture I took, while I'm not smiling. It's not the best picture, but oh well. I was hula hooping while taking it. I know. I'm awesome like that. I hula hoop while reading a book or watching tv or movies. I can't just sit there reading or watching movies. I feel lazy if I don't do something active while doing those things. I hula hoop for like an hour!

If you've already gone through college, what did you learn from your first year?
If you're going to go into college, what questions do you have?

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