Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My 2nd Half-Marathon

Hey guys! I've been a bit busy lately but I want to give you guys a quick update!

I am training for my 2nd half-marathon, which is in June! I am so excited. My running hasn't been that good lately, but I will change that. I am hoping to set a new PR, under 2 hours. Wish me luck!

Here is my tentative schedule. I also posted this on my other blog.

I say tentative because I ran 7 miles yesterday. Today, I am taking a rest day. I don't know if I'll take a rest day on Saturday but we'll see. I may end up running. Who knows!

In other running related news, my uncle is running his first half marathon on Sunday. I am so happy and excited for him. I'll be there to cheer him on. I'll be waiting at the finish line! In the meantime, I'll be running my own 7 miles! Or 8. It depends on how I feel.

I guess that is it for now. There isn't much to update on. I've just been going to school and also doing volunteer work.

Have you ran a half-marathon?
What have you guys been up to?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

California Agriculture Day 2014

Hey hey everyone. I'm just here to say that tomorrow, March 19, is California Agriculture Day! National Agriculture Day is March 25.

I am saying this because learning about agriculture is important. It's part of how we get food onto our tables. Whether it is about food safety, food policies, it is all important!

Do you think agriculture is important?
  I do!

P.S. Here's the website to National Agriculture Day. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lately...What I have been up to

This semester has been quite relaxing compared to last semester. Remember last semester, I took 19 units, one of which was chemistry? It was so stressful and I was so busy. Take into account that I was training for my first half-marathon during that time, I was pretty wiped out. I don't know how I survived last semester. 

This semester has been quite different. I am not taking any classes for my major (the upperclassmen got priority). However, I am taking classes for my General Education (GE). I'll be pretty much done with my GE. I am taking 13 units this semester. They are all cultural classes. Asian American Woman, Society and Culture of the Middle East, Spanish and English. I am loving my classes. Even though these classes are not for my major, they will help me in my career. I'll be in contact with many people from different cultures. Learning about these cultures will help my understand my clients/patients better. Along with that, I have been volunteering more. It's a great resume builder!

As you see, I am trying to balance my workload with volunteering (and from last semester). Anyway, there is something that I have been wanting to talk about. 

Listen to your body. That is something I should have done after my half-marathon. Training for one puts a lot of pressure on your body. I was running 30+ miles a week, along with doing boot camp. I slept an average of 5-6 hours a day. I was so busy with school. I overworked my body. I felt my calves tightening and starting to hurt. My knees started to hurt as well. I still worked out after my half-marathon. Even though I wasn't putting in as many miles, I should have let my body rest. 

I am paying the price for it now. I feel more tired and exhausted. My body still feels sore. After my half-marathon, I should have given my body a week rest to recover. Instead, I'll be doing it now, starting tomorrow. I may do pilates, yoga, and walk. But for the most part, I'll be resting. My body needs it. Hopefully, my muscles recover and grow. Hopefully, I won't feel as tired anymore. 

Have you ever overworked your body? If so, how did you deal with it?
What have you been up to lately?

Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Hey guys! I've been blogging at my new blog, Hevil's Healthy Devil.
I've missed blogging on here. There's so much history that I can't just stop blogging on this one too.
So, I have decided to start blogging here too. It won't be as often as before but I will still be blogging here. It'll probably be a weekly post.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to lately?

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Blog

Hey guys. I created a new blog over at WordPress. Go over and check it out. I'll be blogging there at my new  Also, follow me on my new twitter. @hevilhelen

Thank you guys for reading. Happy New Year. I'll see you guys at my new blog.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Posts + 2013 in Review

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! I can't believe that tomorrow is going to be a New Year. 2013 went by so quickly!

My top 3 posts for 2013 are:


Traditional Chinese Prosperity Cupcakes

And, for my 2013 in review, here is a list. I don't want to add pictures because it would make this post have too many pictures.

  • I can't believe I visited Stanford in March! 
  • I started interning for FoodCare, Inc in May 2013. 
  • I went to visit Hearst Castle with my grandparents in July 2013. 
  • I ran my first half-marathon on October 6, 2013.
  • I made it through my semester of 19 units. 
  • My group did well on our project about Nepal in my Social and Cultural Aspects of Food class. 
  • Visited the U.C. Berkley campus
Oh, before I forget. This is going to be 100% unrelated to 2013 in reviews
At an Asian bakery near Berkely, I saw this Mocha Cream bun. It looked delicious! 

And at Target, I saw these Siracha Chips. 

Instead, I bought these Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips. 

and these:

  • Botanics Tinted Lip Balm: Guava Sheer
  • Botanics Matiffying Day Cream Shine Away Sunscreen 
  • Cover Girl's Mocha Lip Balm  (hey, it was on sale for just over $2)
  • And a brush. 

And, I guess that's it!

 My 2013 wasn't too eventful. I am happy that I did run my first half-marathon. And, it was my first race too! Boy, when I do something, I go big. 

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! 

Remember to head over to my new blog tomorrow. Hevil's Healthy Devil.
Also, follow me on my new twitter: @hevilhelen

Blog Update

Hey guys! It's going to be New Year and I decided to switch over to my new blog, Hevil's Healthy Devil. I've been talking about this for a while and now, it's almost here!
Be sure to head over to my new blog tomorrow at midnight (aka, the New Year). That is when my blog will go live!

Once you get there, be sure to subscribe for updates!

There, you will also see my new twitter. Be sure to follow me on my new twitter @hevilhelen

Thank you guys so much for reading! I will see you guys over at my new blog.

P.S. Don't worry. I will occasionally post here but it won't be as often.

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