Friday, August 31, 2012

Costco Food

Hey everyone! How are you guys doing today? Well, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking.
Today, I went to Costco. Yes. Costco. I love buying foods there, since they have them in bulk. That means that we don't have to buy food for a while (or does it?).

Anyway, Costco does sell healthy, organic food in bulk. That's one thing I like about that place. Clif bar, quinoa, seaweed salad, hummus, boca veggie burgers, pita chips, BROWN RICE SUSHI, you know what I mean. They even have greek yogurt! The only downside is that the variety isn't that huge. Meaning, if you want an almond fudge Clif Bar, they won't have it.
So, the first picture above are the Quaker chewy bars.  They are a classic. They aren't good for you, but they're not bad for you. But, they are delicious. Granola, with chocolate chips. Yummy! I also love the oatmeal raisin kind. There's a hint of cinnamon with it!

I can't believe that Costco is selling mooncakes! It was such a big surprise. They had all types of fillings. They had red bean, lotus seed, mung bean paste, mixed nuts, you name it! We opted for red bean even though I wanted lotus seed (since lotus seed paste isn't sold in cans or anything!). We bought a box just to try it. Well, we actually ate it today too, and it's decent. There are seeds in the red bean filling though, which was something new. I'd rather buy the brand from the Chinese stores. But, this was still good. Sorry. Even though it isn't "healthy", it is something I had to point out. They were even selling asian seaweed salad, which I love!
As you see, this is similar to the sandwich thins for sara lee and oroweat. This is the Kirkland Brand, or as I call it, the Costco brand. I looked at the ingredients and it's actually a pretty good. It's healthy. And, it is cheaper too. Sometimes, the Kirkland Brand is cheaper and is also healthy. You don't always have to get the brand name things. I actually haven't tried these sandwich thins yet, but hopefully, it'll be good! I'll keep you guys updated on that.

Ok. So, now, the food court. I usually don't like to buy foods from their food court since they are unhealthy. However, I do indulge in their nonfat frozen yogurt. It is high in sugar, but it's still pretty good compared to regular ice cream. Trust me. And, it tastes good too! Cheap and you get a lot of it.
Doesn't it look delicious? I had it twice this week!  I love frozen yogurt.
I guess I'll end my post with that. I'll post about the rest of my week later on this weekend.

So, do you guys like Costco?
Do you tend to avoid the food court at all times or do you indulge yourself once in a while?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd Day!

Wow. I have to say. College is different that I had expected it to be. All of my classes require online access because that's how most of my teachers will be grading things. I even have an online Psychology class.
My public speaking class is a bit different too, since it only meets once a week for 50 minutes. It means that I have to watch  tons of online lectures on their website on my own free time. I also have to have a speech ready. It's a how to speech. I have to start brain storming.

For breakfast today, I ate Van's Lite Waffles with some vanilla greek yogurt. I only used about 2 tablespoons. I'm saving some for tomorrow.  It was delicious. :) Then, I had like a 45 min car ride to uni since there was tons of traffic. -_-

So, I only had one class today. It was my philosophy class. This was weird too, since my professor is in another classroom and we just watch it on TV, basically. There is a TA in the classroom though. There's a lot of thinking going on in philosophy. A lot of unanswered questions.

I ate an apple and hummus+bread for lunch today.  I had to buy the apple from the cafe and it was expensive. I mean, a dollar for an apple? But, it was a good apple (or am I just trying to make myself feel better by saying that?).

I also went to the school gym again today. I did what I did yesterday. I also went with my friend. I ran on the indoor track again. There was this one guy that kept running like I did. It was pretty cool. We went opposite directions but we kept passing each other. We gave each other a nod though. And, guess what else. There was this one person walking on the track, texting the entire time. What's the point of going to the gym if you just walk and text? Oh well. It's just one of my pet peeves. There were actual runners on the track today too, which was pretty cool.

Me and my friend went on the elliptical. I also showed her some exercises to do with hand weights. I admit, I am a blogilates fan and I used some of her hand weight exercises to demonstrate some things my friend could do. Thanks Cassey for posting your workouts on blogilates. :)

So...4 miles on the track, 3.5 miles on the elliptical..and then I went again with my friend and it was 3 and half miles again. That's a lot of miles in one day. >_<

They gym also has rock climbing. It has a rock climbing wall. I really want to climb it, but I'll see if I have the guts tomorrow. It looks like it's really up high. I'll post tomorrow whether I actually climbed it or not.

After coming home, I ate some organic apple cinnamon cereal, banana with peanut butter and a greek yogurt bar. Then, I did homework and ate dinner, which was my sushi salad and some veggies and more tofu. Then, I ate a whole wheat muffin and a banana bread lara bar. The banana bread larabar was disgusting. They used unripe bananas. I hate unripe bananas. From now on, I'm sticking to their chocolate flavors.

I know. I ate a lot today. -_- but, hey. It's under 2000 calories (like, 1700ish?)  and all together with the other exercise I did today (besides the gym), I burned about 1300 calories. That's a lot, I know. But, it didn't take up all of my day though. I just had a lot of time to spare.  I might have a low net calorie now..but..I dunno.

Anyway, that was my day.  But now, I have to do a lot of independent work due to the nature of most of my classes using the net (internet).

Have you guys ever gone rock climbing (or mountain climbing)?

Do you guys prefer online classes or regular classes?

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day!

My snacks and food I brought!
Hey Everyone! I can't believe I made it through my first day of college!

Anyway, it started off with me meeting up with my friend. Then, I got some Jamba Juice for breakfast. Of course, I got the usual. Berry Fulfilling with soy protein. I ordered a 16 oz drink. But, they accidentally made too much, so I got the original! I was so happy. Well, that means more calories, but I got more for the buck, if you get what I mean.

Mi amiga y yo walked around campus until my first class, a public speaking class. It's around 20 students, which is pretty small for a university class. The professor is really cool though. But, I'm not good at public speaking. I know I'm going to have a hard time with it. >_< I have to make 3 speeches! I know..I sang at my school's 5 de mayo assembly. But, that's different from making speeches!

Anyway after that, I started working on my online psychology class. It's actually easier than my AP Psychology class I took in high school. Oh, I don't know why I have to take it when I already took a harder class in high school. That's life.

For snack/lunch, I ate some hummus with multi-grain sandwich thins. It was delicious! I also bought Sobe Lifewater Strawberry Kiwi. It tasted good, but let's just say, it's better to drink this at home then at public. Oh. Stomach issues.

After eating, I walked around with my friend and then I went to my math class (my friend doesn't have any classes with me. I'm so sad.). My math teacher is Asian, of course. He's Chinese. We didn't do much except go over the syllabus. That's pretty much how most classes were. Most classes just go over the syllabus. Anyway, we were released 45 minutes early. But, I noticed that college classes are so much different from high school ones. It'll take time to adjust.

So, I went to do some homework and then I went to the University's gym. I had a great workout too. Well, it was a cardio workout. I also wore my new workout clothes. ;) Yoga shorts, workout tank, sports get what I mean. lol.

My workout consisted of  running around the indoor track and the elliptical. I felt so comfortable being at the gym. I was in my "zone" you can say. I forgot the saying. But, you guys should get what I mean. I ran 4 miles around the track. I averaged an 8 min 10 sec mile. I kept up the same speed and I passed a ton of people who were either walking or jogging pretty slowly. I was basically the fastest one there. I even heard a guy saying "Dang. That girl's fast and keeps going." Haha. But, 8 min is not that good of a mile time though. There were some guys and this one girl that I tried to get ahead of. It was fun trying to catch up and getting ahead of them. I did. I sprinted my last lap and I passed everyone using the track. There were these two guys that I passed (they were really ahead of me at first) and they tried to pass me up after I passed them even though I was at least half a track behind them before, but I was sprinting. But then, my lap ended and I slowed down. They even said "she's slowing down now." Hey. I've been running for like, half an hour. Give me a break. It was fun though.

Then, elliptical time. I watched TV and listened to music while on the elliptical. I watched Reba, my most favorite show. I hadn't watched it in 4 years after I moved. I was so happy to watch it again, doing my favorite thing, working out. I did the elliptical for about 35 minutes.

After that, showered, changed and then I went to the cafe next to the gym. I got chocolate/vanilla froyo with pb chips, choco chips, yogurt chips and a bit of coconut and some strawberry slices. It was delish! I should have bought the nutella sandwich. I love nutella and I haven't eaten it for months..Maybe I'll buy it tomorrow. Then, I ate my Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar. The Clif Bar was alright. I could really taste the mint. There was chocolate too. But, it's not one of my favorite flavors. It was pretty tasteless (well, it was sweet, but you get what I mean). It had the regular Clif Bar texture.  I just wanted to try it. It was a good postwork snack/meal.
Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar

Then, off I went to my 3 hour  nutrition class. I really enjoyed the class though. The professor knows his stuff and is a good instructor. I was really interested and everything, and I didn't feel like falling asleep at all even though it's 3 hours. We actually started talking about nutrition. We talked about the overview of nutrition, carbs, fats and that stuff. I enjoyed it.

Finally, I got home and I ate dinner and some apples. Brown rice sushi salad, chicken, egg plant and broccoli. Then, I ate an apple. I was so hungry! lol. I got home really late.

Anyway, that was my day. I didn't make any new friends, but I did meet some new people.

So, do you guys remember your first day of college (or school or anything you did for the first time)?
What's your favorite snack to eat?
Do you guys have any healthy food tips while at uni (especially snacking and the food court?)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

One huge health food haul

Hey everyone! Sorry that this is going to be a huge post. I bought tons of health foods the past month, and I'd like to share what I bought. Bear with me. There's going to be tons of pictures and a few reviews of them too. Enjoy!

 I love boca burgers. I usually eat them with whole wheat sandwich thins.
The veggie dogs were delicious too.
The egg whites, well, they tasted like egg whites. I use them to make protein pancakes with the protein powder I bought and I sometimes cook them and put either hummus or salsa.
The Greek Yogurt is delicious. :)

 With the greek yogurt, I tried  it with butter biscuits. Delicious! Tastes like ice cream with a cone, but better!

 Zevia is a healthier option to soda. It tastes pretty good. I was expecting it to be bad but it exceeded my expectations. I also tried the root beer one, but I disliked that one.
This Dark Chocolate Odwalla bar was a bit dry, but it was chewy and delicious. I liked how you can taste the dark chocolate and the walnut. Not too overpowering. 

 The S mores Luna Bar is pretty good. However, I still like my other favorite flavors, Peanut Honey Pretzel, Chocolate Dipped Coconut and White Chocolate Macadamia.

 This Greek Yogurt was delicious. The caramel mixture was on the bottom, but I stirred it and ate it. It was like heaven. Rich, gooey caramel. Yummy!

 I love sandwich things. I sometimes toast the bread and eat it with hummus, peeling off the bread as I dip it in. Sometimes, I make a veggie burger and hummus sandwich or a veggie dog and hummus sandwich with the bread. Yummy!
This roasted red pepper hummus was delicious to! I love the spiciness. Different from the garlic, but still, it was yummy in my tummy.

 I love vanilla soymilk. I just love it. I would drink it everyday, but my parents say it's better to drink regular dairy milk.
The extra dark chocolate chips are delicious! I put it in my greek yogurt sometimes!

 I like baking with whole wheat flour. It's healthier.
The bean curd is delicious! Use it to cook with Asian dishes!
 I love these bean noodle threads. I like it with soy sauce and chicken broth! I also like those vegetarian mock foods. It actually tastes good.
I also love red bean paste. It's my most fav thing ever to eat. 

 The cooking spray can be used instead of adding tons of oil.
I love apple sauce. This one tastes pretty good. There's no sugar added. Yummy Tree top apple sauce.
The Smart Balance peanut butter is my favorite! It's a staple at my house (well, my siblings love jiff and skippy better but they know this one is healthier, without the transfat).
 This is beans and the veggie dog. Yummy!
The Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal was pretty decent. There wasn't much flavor to it, but it was still edible. At least I know it's a healthier cereal that I won't feel too guilty eating.
The frozen fruit is to make smoothies!

 I love brown rice. It's healthy and I eat it for dinner every night. I cook it myself though, since the rest of my family eats jasmine white rice.
Blueberries is one of my most favorite fruits! I also love apples and bananas and strawberries and asian pears. 

 This Sabra hummus is from Costco. It's really good. The downside is that it uses canola oil, not olive oil. Still healthy though, and pretty good.

The Greek Yogurt bars are my favorite! I tried a sample at Costco before I left for China and I knew I wanted to buy it, but it was expensive. After coming back from China, I finally convinced my parents to buy it. They are really yummy! They are healthier than some other types of granola bars.

These whole wheat fig bars were actually pretty good. You can tell they were whole wheat though. Pretty chewy and the filling was sweet and fruity. Yummy! 
I love pop chips. They are delicious. I bought them from Costco! But, they are not as delicious as baked apple chips, but anyway, they are only 100 calories! The downside is that it has a high glycemic level .

The Hi-Chew was from Costco. It's not healthy, but I just wanted to show you guys it. Yummy Asian chewy fruit candy.
The Vitacoco water and the Almond Butter is from Sprout's. The Vitacoco water was absolutely disgusting.
The almond butter was delicious! Creamy..almondy. I like it a lot better than Peanut butter! I wish I bought the whole jar. 

This blueberry acai greek yogurt bar was pretty good! Chewy, with the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. I liked how the almonds gave it a bit of a crunch. Yummy. I also like that the had blueberries!

The Van's Waffles looked pretty good. I've hear reviews about them and I just had to buy it to try it. I bought it today. I'll give you my review once I have tried it. I plan on eating it with vanilla greek yogurt. Sounds like a plan to me. I also bought the Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar and the Chocolate Almond Fudge bar today. I plan on eating it as snacks at uni. I've heard good reviews about those flavors, so, hopefully, they'll live up to my expectations. 

 Now, I normally don't like cherries, but this cherry almond greek yogurt bar was delicious! I liked the blueberry flavor better, but this one is still pretty good! Same texture as the blueberry but this has dried cherries.
I've heard of Vitatop muffins for a couple years now. I actually never got around to buying them until this summer! I just had to try it! The first time I ate it, it was delicious! Chocolate cake, with gooey chocolate chips! However, after eating it again, it didn't live up to my expectations. It actually tasted to healthy. 

 Now, the Luna Fiber Bar. I received this one from the company in the mail. It was actually pretty filling! It was chewy like a cookie, a chocolate cookie. I liked how the taste of the raspberry filling blended in with the cookie.
 The apple chips are delicious! I've tried them before because my cousin gave me some to try. The shirataki noodles were ok. It just depends on how you cook the. The chocolate dip from Walden's farm is disgusting when you dip it in something. There's an artificial, metallic taste at the end. However, if you eat it on its own, it's pretty decent. The other things, like the banana bread lara bar, the clif crunch bars and the cereal, I have not tried yet.

 I got these things from Costco! The hummus was delicious! I like how they are snacker packs so  that I can bring them on the go! I plan on eating it at uni. Annie's variety pack is pretty good too! I'm not eating the cheddar though. I don't like cheese.
The Fuze drinks are awesome! They taste like regular juice! However, they do look kinda watery though.

 This is how the hummus looks like!

 This is the chocolate chip bunnies from Annie's. It looks like so few, I know. But, they were pretty good. I ate them as a reward for passing the written permit test on my first 5 minutes. I also baked a Victorian sponge cake, but still. I was so happy!
I just love red bean. Red bean popsicles are my favorite! So is red bean paste..anything red bean! However, the red bean popsicles taste a lot better in China. Their kind is better. Then again , their ice cream is better too.

So, what's your favorite "health" food?
  • I love granola bars and greek yogurt! I like anything sweet and anything chocolate and anything red bean. Frozen yogurt sounds good right now.
Do you guys like grocery shopping? Where do you guys like to shop?
  • Grocery shopping is my favorite thing! I sometimes like it better than clothes shopping. I like Trader Joes, Costco, Sprouts, Sunshine Farmer's Market, Winco, Raley's (the health section) and, I know I will like Whole Foods (I haven't been there before!). 
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