Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Hong Kong Trip Pictures

Hey Everyone! I promised you guys that I'll post my Hong Kong pictures. Well, here they are. Enjoy. I'll have a new recipe up by tomorrow.

green tea red bean sundae
McDonald's toys

my breakfast at the local diner, but I didn't eat the sausage and the yolk. 

in front of the hotel on the last day

These cakes at the bakery!
This is more cakes at the bakery!

This guy is break-dancing in the streets. 
This is the vegetarian food.

my outfit for that day. 
on top of the world!!!

This is the police boat. I also saw a fire boat too.

 I see these a lot in Hong Kong. Who do you think is better?

I say, Wang Leehom. I just wonder why Justin Bieber would be on a bus in Hong Kong.

 I hope you enjoy these pictures! Be ready for a pancake recipe tomorrow!

Have you been to Hong Kong? If so, where?

If you haven't, what places do you want to go to?

Have you guys been on any exciting trips?


  1. Hey dear one!! Did you get my email reply? :D And what a great time in Hong Kong Helen! omgsh, those McD's toys are so fun, and green tea sundayy....?!!! I need to try that someday. Now I'm definitely gonna google for a place that sells it, haha. And I used to not like Asian guys or stars at all! Although I don't know who Wang Leehom is, I'd say I prefer him, lol. I guess I'm more of my Asian brothers now! ps: you came out so cute and pretty in those pics!

    1. Hey Ellie, amiga. I did receive your email and I replied.
      And, yes. Hong Kong was so much fun and their McDonald's was awesome. I really like the Hello Kitty toy! lol. And, yes. Green tea sunday..with RED BEANS!
      Lol. Wang Leehom is awesome. You should listen to one of his songs. and, I usually either prefer Asian guys, white guys, and even some hispanic ones too.
      Your comment made my day. :) thanks. you too, whenever I see pictures on your post! :)


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