Friday, August 3, 2012

My China Trip, part 6

Sorry for the long wait! I have to talk about Hong Kong and Macau! I'll start off with Macau, since we took bus there one day while we were staying in Taishan. We only visited Macau for one day, the gambling city. By the way, almost everything was either in Chinese or Portuguese. It was once colonized by Portugal.

The day started off with waking up very early. We had to get to the bus area. Then, we had to take an hour and half bus ride all the way to Macau. I fell asleep on the bus ( I have a bad habit of taking naps now, since I kept taking naps on the bus in China).

When we finally reached Macau, we had to go through customs, twice. It was such a hassle. Meaning, we had to wait in a long line, twice. The first one was to exit China, and the other was to enter Macau. I thought that since Macau is part of China, we didn't have to go through anything, but I was wrong.

Anyway, after that, we took a bus to a hotel casino. That's how you get free transportation. You get free bus rides to casinos. What's cool is that the driver is on the right side instead of the left! Anyway, since my whole family was there, we couldn't even go in to look around. They stopped us. It's different here though, where little kids can run around. Anyway, we decided to walk around and we came across this old Portuguese area where you can tell there was European influence. There were old buildings and there was a shopping street there.

We walked around the shopping places. There were so many places selling these dried smoked meats as well as Portuguese egg tarts. I've been wanting to try Portuguese egg tarts, but I didn't end up buying any at that shopping street. They looked so delicious though. We ended up going to this one place where they sold all these "candies". There were galletas, for sure. But, there were also these candied peanuts, and other types of biscuits too.  We ended up buying some of the peanuts (the coconut one and the sesame one). So delicious, but we ate all of the sesame while we stayed at Taishan. At least we had the coconut here at home.

After, we saw this historic site, but I really don't know the names of the places. It'd be great if you guys can tell me the names of the places on the comments below. Anyway, we also went to this place where it was basically a museum. We had to climb up many stairs to get to the top though. There were canyons (the ones used for war) and other things. I'll show you guys pictures, once again.

As it turns out, it was on the roof of a museum! It had such a great view of the city, some good and some, you could tell they lived in poverty. Anyway, we walked down and went back to the shopping street. There was a parade going on there. It was a mini parade but there were so many people.

We went to a restaurant to eat after that. Then, we walked around and we decided to go to the other part of the island. We took a bus to another hotel, on the other side. The hotel was so fancy! There were stores in it. So expensive though. They casino was huge. They also had places where they held shows. Unfortunately, all we did was walk around and take a few pictures. It was fun though. They had this huge screen where there was the sea and mermaids swimming. Everyone tried to take a picture with the mermaid!

After, we went back to the other side and we went through customs and everything. After customs, there's a shopping area, where we stayed for a while shopped before the bus came. The shopping area was so huge. It's really easy to get lost there. It was around dinner time and they decided to go to McDonald's to eat. I got an iced coffee that had ice cream in it ( there weren't any veggie burgers or anything). Then, we went to this bakery. There were so many types of baked goods. We bought some egg tarts (yes. the Portuguese ones, as well as the regular ones). We also bought coconut bread. I ate some of the coconut bread, but it the coconut was salty. I like it sweet. The Portuguese egg tarts tasted alright. They're not as sweet, but they still taste good. I think the filling I make for my egg tarts taste better though. Anyway, after that, we went shopping and there were so many stores to go to. I don't know how I got lost walking around myself.

Anyway, finally, it was time to leave and then we went back on the bus and went back to Taishan. By then, it was around 9 or 10 at night. We found a taxi van to drive us to the apartment. Then, I ate a Chinese egg tart because I was hungry. They used lard in it. It did not taste good at all. I guess some Chinese still use lard in their cooking (before, China was really really poor and pig fat was used to cook things with since they couldn't afford oil. Also, it's an easier source for fat).

That concludes my day at Macau. I guess I'll write about Hong Kong on the next post! This post is long enough as is. I hope you guys don't get bored reading this.

Adios! zaijian!

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