Friday, June 21, 2013

Obesity now a Disease??? Really?

As all of you heard by now, obesity is now classified as a disease by the American Medical Association, AMA. 

One of the two "good" things I see from this is that physicians will now be more alert to obesity and will try to treat it. However, just talking about weight can be tricky with patients. Even with it being a disease, it's still difficult. It doesn't matter if one calls it a disease or not. 

Diseases are often treated with medication. Now that obesity is a disease, it'll probably be treated with medication. Instead of trying to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, people will be using shortcuts to losing weight. It won't help out in the long run if these people don't adopt healthier lifestyles. 

What should happen is PREVENTION. Instead of trying to treat obesity, we need to prevent it. It's all about nutrition education and physical activity! People don't realize that they can still buy nutritious healthy food that is NOT expensive. Some may have read wrong information. 

Another concern is that, I don't believe obesity is a disease. For the most part, it is a choice (except for the very few with genetic conditions). Obesity is a combination of things. It could be stress, high blood pressure, self-esteem, laziness, etc. 

Prevention is the best method. However, if one is obese, they do need to be educated about living a healthy lifestyle. The 2nd good thing I see is that insurance may be able to cover a visit to a Registered Dietitian. These people will learn how to eat healthier. 

Those are my thoughts on this issue. What are your thoughts?

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