Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Changing my Routine

I changed my workout routine.


I changed it because I feel that weight lifting isn't for me. Yes, I will be doing strength training but it won't be in the form of lifting weights.

Instead, I will be doing body weight exercises along with yoga.

You see, I want my body to be like how it was a couple years ago. In my opinion, I had the right amount of muscle and fat. My weight was perfect too. At this time, I did yoga nearly everyday and I ran for 20-30 minutes. Here's a picture.

And here's a picture of me from last year in Hong Kong, before I started lifting weights. I also had increased the amount of exercise I do.

My thighs (now) have grown in size due to muscle and I don't like it. I liked how my body looked BEFORE I started lifting weights in the weight room. I'm hoping that changing my routine back to the running and yoga will help lengthen and lean out my thighs a little bit.

It's also good to change your routine once in a while, which is also why I'm changing it. It's good to have muscle. It's good to strength train. But, lifting weights is not for me.

I will still do body weight exercises (push-ups, squats, lunges) and yoga, but I won't be lifting weights. Hopefully, that's enough for me to preserve some muscle.

How often do you change your workout routine?
Do you think it's beneficial to change your workout routines?
Do you have any advice on how to lean out muscular legs (thighs in particular)?


  1. Although I think you looked and look fantastic now, I support your decision on changing your routine. Not every workout out there is suitable for everyone, and if it's not something that ends up serving us but rather, we end up serving the routine itself, then it can't be healthy for us. And I love bodyweight exercises! I think that it's one of the most effective, functional, and difficult ways of exercising. It's what I like to call, "good for improving everyday activities"

    1. Thanks Ellie. I keep changing up my workout routine every year and I feel that running, yoga and body weight exercises were the best for me.
      I mean, lifting weights, I feel like I'm not doing it right. I experimented with going to the weight room for a month but I felt so out of place. I kind of liked lifting weights but at the same time, I don't know. I was using the barbells and machines but I don't feel like it was doing much for my body. Well,the barbells, yea. but the machines didn't help much. I'll just switch up my routines once in a while.
      As for body weight exercises, I think they're a lot better! haha. They are more practical and are harder! that's definitely true.

  2. Yeah I use to hit the machines and weights as well for a good while but for some reason it's really not for me... maybe it's too slow paced... I prefer the HIIT and Blogilates workouts and definitely working out at home which I can't do here unfortunately... so going to the gym has been a task.

    1. Yea. I don't feel like the machines help much with natural muscle growth. Free weights and body weight exercises are better. And ,I always do blogilates. Cassey is so inspiring! And, the gym, you can try to do whatever blogilates workouts you remember. You can still run and hit the free weights. I'm not sure how the gyms are like over there though, in China. I never went to one when I went last year.


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