Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tip of the Days

Tip of the Day June 25, 2013

Do you want to sneak in some exercise? Well, have no fear! Take simple steps into adding physical activity into your life. Start off by walking, playing a sport, or riding a bike. Those, you can do with friends too! It'll make exercise not seem like exercise!

Tip of the Day June 26, 2013

Summer is here. So, it's important to hydrate (with water)!
If you exercise, be sure to drink water before exercising! You don't want to get dehydrated during a workout.
Remember, an active individual will need to drink more water than an individual who is sedentary. Same with the environment! If you live in humidity, your water intake may be different from when you are up in the mountains. It's also affected by cold and hot environments.

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