Monday, October 1, 2012


中秋节快乐!!! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone. I can't believe it. Today is mooncake day. I love mooncakes. My favorite are the lotus seed ones without the yolk and the red bean ones, without the yolk. I just don't like the yolk, as you guys can tell. 
Anyway, the Chinese moon festival is a really old tradition. Here is the link   to the history of the moon festival, or the Mid-Autumn Festival, depending on how you want to call it. 
As for my family,  we usually celebrate it by incense and all that traditional stuff. We also eat mooncake, which we buy from the store. We sometimes make it to. Hopefully, there will be sales on the mooncakes tomorrow, since the festival will be over by then. I love mooncakes, so it's the best time to stock up, right after the end of the festival. I just can't get enough of mooncakes, even though they are really high in calories and sugar. But, hey, it's delicious. 
We went to one of my aunt's place to celebrate. My cousins, aunts and uncles all came over to celebrate. We ate dinner, had an incense table and ate mooncake and other delicious treats. It was great. However, I somehow got a small burn on my hand. It didn't hurt at first, but then, after  while, it started hurting. My mom and aunt knew that there's this one plant that helps with burns, and my aunt happened to have one in her garden. They rubbed it on my burn, and it actually started feeling better. Anyway, it was a fun and interesting night tonight. 
So, yesterday, I watched a movie with some friends. We watched Looper. It was such an amazing movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is awesome. He's an amazing actor and he isn't that bad looking after. Things really do go in a circle. I wonder if time traveling will ever be invented. The story line was good, but I didn't like watching all the blood and the shootings and killings that happened. 
 Anyway, before watching the movie, we went shopping for a bit at a nearby mall and I bought a cardigan for sale for only 4 dollars! It's pink and it's so cute. Then, we had to walk for 15 minutes to the movie theater and then walk back again after to go back to the mall. It was quite an adventure. We ate at Johnny Rockets and the food was delicious. I split the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with sweet potato fries because I didn't want to consume so many calories. The Philly Cheese Steak was amazing, especially with Swiss cheese. It still tasted good with the onions. The only reason why I got it was that it was sirloin steak, so, it's a leaner cut. It's been such a long time since I consumed red meat. It was my first time eating it in such a long time. Also, I love sweet potato fries. 
I also finally found some clip on earrings. I don't have pierced ears and I don't plan on getting the pierced. I was so happy to find some, so I bought a few. Here's a picture of one of them.Sorry, but I had to blur out some parts of my room.

Anyway, that was my day yesterday, basically. We stayed at the mall for most of the day. 

Today, my family also went to Costco. We bought Fiber One bars, which are delicious. I've already reviewed them on my blog, so I won't review them again. I do have to say though, the chocolate Fiber One bars are one of my favorites, besides the Clif Company bars (Clif, Mojo, Luna). I won't post a picture of the Fiber One Bars. 

We also bought the Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese. I can't wait to try these. I might try eating it with my Boca burgers with the Costco Multigrain Rounds, which are really healthy. I was also thinking about eating this with crackers. I was thinking of eating these with the original Mary's Gone Crackers, but I'll see what I can eat this with. We also bought the nonfat frozen yogurt from the food court 
 I wanted to talk about nutrition. Last week, our class learned about Fats. However I'm still writing about that post. We're going to be learning about Protein tomorrow. It's going to be fun.

Do you like cheese?
Do you like mooncake?


  1. oh woww that mooncake looks fantastic and so cheewy!! I want some thank you very much ;) And I'm so glad to hear so many great reviews on Looper! I've been curious about it, and I never want to watch a movie at the theater if I'm not sure that it's REALLY good.

    1. You're very welcome. ;)
      And, yes. The mooncake tasted great too. Looper is an amazing movie. I high recommend it if you have any time. =)


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