Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Post and Kashi GoLean Original Cereal Review, Italian Tofurky Review, and asian vegetarian minced meat review

Hey hey everyone. How are you guys today? Well, I haven't been feeling that good lately. It'll past though. I have a terrible headache, but I'm still writing this post.
So, in my nutrition class, we have to do a My Diet Analysis Project (and, we have an exam next week!). We have to record everything we eat for 3 days and record any exercise we do. It's pretty interesting, actually. It also gives us an analysis of our diet, to see if we're consuming all the nutrients we need. Today is day 3, my last day. This project, so far, isn't a burden because I've already been keeping track of my eating and exercising by using livestrong.com. Here are some pictures of what I've eaten the past couple days. Sunday was my first day, and I didn't take any pictures of that though.

Tofurky and Laughing Cow Cheese sandwich, Kashi cereal and apple
Gluten Free Rice Krispie Cereal with skim milk

Protein Rice Krispie Treats
Brown rice with vegetarian minced meat

Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif Bar (my favorite!), Protein Rice Krispies, Tofurky and Laughing Cow Cheese Sandwich with Costco's Multigrain Rounds, and Apples

I also sometimes eat Boca Veggie Burgers with Laughing Cow Cheese instead of Tofurky. The past couple days, I also ate mooncake, a chinese fruit sponge cake, tofu, and a lot of veggies, including green beans, cauliflower and broccoli. I may eat some vanilla nonfat greek yogurt with dark chocolate chips later on today. Oh yea, I also forgot to add diet coke. It's cool to keep track of what I'm eating. All these foods are mainly healthy and they taste delicious too!

Also, today, I ran my fastest mile time. I ran it in 7 min and 30 seconds! I can't believe it. I never thought that I could run a mile in under 8 minutes. I ran 2 miles in 14 min and 50 seconds. I ran 3 miles in 21 min and 40 sec. I ran 4 miles in 29 min and 30 sec. and, I ran 5 miles in 37 minutes.

So, now, here comes the reviews.

Kashi GoLean Original Cereal

So, I bought this at my local health food store. They were having a sale on it, 2 boxes for 5 dollars. I just had to buy it. At the food store, I also bought a Truebar since I've seen many people eat them. I bought the Raspberry Chocolate Almond. I can't wait to try it. Anyway...
As it turns out, this cereal tastes pretty good and it fills you up! It's crunchy and soft (both, because of its different components) and it has just the right amount of sweetness. I also love it's nutrition facts. I mean, it's 140 calories for 1 cup, but it has a lot of protein and fiber! The only downside is that I've heard that it gives people gas. Some can't handle the amount of fiber in the cereal while some people can't consume soy as well. I hope I can digest these just fine. Fingers crossed!
What I don't understand is that people think that GMOs are bad for the health. There is NO evidence whatsoever that GMOs are bad for you. They are the same foods we eat. It's just that they all have the same DNA. How can that be bad for the health? It isn't. I know there has been a controversial issue with GMOs in Kashi products and I want to put that to rest. GMOs are safe to consume.

Italian Deli Tofurky

I also bought Italian Deli Tofurky at the health store. I decided to try it because I've heard a lot of vegetarians talk about this. This was actually delicious! It's better than my favorite turkey pastrami meat. It's my new  favorite deli "meat". It tastes great with the Laughing Cow Cheese.

Vegetarian Minced Meat with Pickled Cucumber

I bought this at the Asian store a while ago and I finally decided to eat this. I ate it with brown rice. It tastes pretty good. It's a bit spicy and it does have sodium, but it tastes pretty good.

So, what's your mile time?
Do you keep track of what you eat?

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