Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Subway's Tuscan Chicken Melt Review

 Today for lunch, I decided to try Subway's Tuscan Chicken Melt Sandwich. I bought the whole foot long, just so that I can get more for my money. I only ate half though because the whole foot long is too big! I actually only ate 1/4 of the sandwich first and got full. Then, I ate the rest of the half since I didn't want to leave 1/2 of a half. My sister or someone in my family is going to eat the other half.
Anyway, I bought this after my workout and boy, is it a good choice. It's full of protein. And, it's delicious too. I ordered it with swiss cheese and wheat bread. My favorite. The chicken also had an amazing flavor. I like the herbs it has.It is healthier than other fast food places. I was debating whether to get the Veggie Delite, but I realized that it's not worth the money just to get veggies on bread.

 I also got their mints. I didn't know they had these until today. Maybe it's because I haven't been to Subway in such a long time. The mints tasted like normal mints.

 I also got a cup of coffee from the cafe. This time, I got it the way I usually do. It tasted really good,
 with nothing added to it.
Today, the blood source was on campus so I decided to try and donate blood. You never know how many lives donating blood can save. I went and got the paperwork, but then they asked how much I weigh. Apparently, there's a weight limit. I was apparently 2 lbs underweight for their low weight limit, so I was unable to donate. I was so sad. I really want to help. At least I got a free t-shirt.

Anyway, I've been tempted to buy the holiday pie from McDonald's and try it. After all, it is a seasonal flavor. I wanted to try it last year but I never got the chance too. So, I might buy it just once to try it. It wouldn't hurt, right?

As it turns out, there was a tornado in my area yesterday, very close to where I live. It was in the same city but only around 6 miles away. Scary! 

So, what's your opinion on Subway? Do you think it's "healthier" than other fast food places?
Do you like McDonald's (and their pies)?

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