Thursday, October 25, 2012

Explosive Expresso Chip Cookie by Alternative Baking Company Review and Nature Valley Recharge Cherry Dark Chocolate With Almonds Review

Now, I promise you. My next post will be the black bean burger recipe. But, I just have to post reviews of foods the day I eat it.

So, today, I ate the Nature Valley Recharge Bar. I saw it at my school's store and I just had to buy it to try. After all, it looks huge and it's only 200 calories. Anyway, I needed to recharge because I had just finished working out.

As it turns out, these bars were yummy. They have the texture of chewy bars. Yes, they are chewy but they don't break as easily. You can taste the sweetness from the dried cherries. The bar itself is sweet too. It really goes along with the dark chocolate bits they have in it. I give it a thumbs up. Also, it's one of the cheaper bars they sell at the store.

They were also selling vegan cookies at the store. They're locally made in the city. I saw them and I just had to try it. I mean, Explosive Expresso Chip Cookies? The cookies are huge too. I'd figure that they're "healthier" than regular cookies too since there's almost no saturated fat in it. I saw almost none because almost EVERY FOOD has some saturated fat in it. Even almonds and peanuts have saturated fat.

Don't the cookies look delicious? They're also vegan too. And, guess what? So far, it's the best cookie I've eaten. The texture is just right. Soft and chewy but not too soft. It can hold its structure. There's just the right amount of sweetness and the expresso chips give it a great taste. It's just so tasty.

Anyway, have you tried vegan desserts?
What's your favorite dessert?

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