Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun fun day

Hey hey everyone! I had such a fun day today. It was a spur of the moment day. Meaning, it wasn't planned. First, it was going to an apple picking place in the hills and then going to Coloma to learn about the Gold Rush. After that, it was the casino. Sometimes, it's nice to have unplanned days. It may turn out to be one of the funnest days you can have.

Anyway, at the apple picking place, I ate some apple pie. It is the best apple pie I've eaten so far. I even took home a slice! Anyway, I also decorated  a mini pumpkin too and drank all natural apple juice made from the actual apple place. The juice tasted like how real apple juice should taste like. There's no added sugar or artificial flavoring. It's just apples. It tasted amazing.

After that, we went to Coloma. We walked around and learned some things about the Gold Rush. There was a place where you can learn to pan for gold. We went across Coloma Bridge,  saw Sutter's Mill and we saw this stone wall that says Sutter's Mill on it. It was pretty fun. There are so many other things we saw, but let's not get into too much detail. I did learn some things about the Chinese gold miners though. We also skipped rocks in the river. It was fun.

Then, my parents wanted to go to the casino. So, we did. We didn't win many tickets playing the games though, but it was fun playing.

For dinner, we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat. It was nearly 7 pm when we left the casino.  The Chinese restaurant was decent. Their fried rice was delicious. Their red bean dessert soup was good too. The other stuff was alright.

So, that was pretty much my day. Oh yea. I also went to my cousin's place to hang out for a bit. My cousin gave me some sunflower seeds since he just came back from the store when we went over and he had extra. Let's hope I can grown sunflowers. I'll keep you guys updated on that.

So, do you guys like apple pie?
Have you guys ever had fun unplanned days?

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