Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 1 Year!!

Hey everyone. I can't believe it. It has officially been a year since I've started this blog! Happy 1 year of posting recipes! Just in time for the Superbowl too. I'll post a few links of some foods you guys can make for the Superbowl at the end of this post.
I hope you guys have enjoyed the recipes I've posted the past year. It's been quite an experience food blogging. I'd like to thank my parents for dealing with my picture taking and eating the foods. I'd also like to thank my siblings too, for eating them. I know for sure my brother loved all the chocolate things I've made. My cousin helped a lot with the design of the blog. My whole family supported me blogging. Me and my friend Julianna started our blogs around the same time. We've talked about our blogs with each other and she gave me the push to actually start. Thanks, Julianna. I'd also like to thank my friends for reading my posts. Last, but not least, I'd like to thank you, the readers. It's what keeps me posting, knowing that people take the time to read my posts and making the foods I've posted.
Anyway, I really hope that this new year will be an even more fun year of posting recipes I've made. I also hope to improve my blog too. Do you guys have an suggestions on what I can improve? Comment or email me at

For the Superbowl, I say desserts are the best thing to eat. Here are some recipes for desserts you can make.There's also other random things you guys can make to eat for this special occasion.

Red Bean Sesame Ball
Vegan Peanut butter Cookies
M&M Cookies
Rice Krispies
Pita Bread to make Pita Chips
Fried Chicken
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Baked Nian Gao
Chinese Buns
Macaroni Tuna Salad

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