Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Health Foods

Hey everyone. I have so many foods to tell you guys about. They are "healthier" packaged foods that you can eat while on the run. As you read on, you'll see that there's a "repeat" of the Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Cliff Bar. The reasoning is because the picture of the bars are a bit different, if you look closely. Anyway, enjoy the foods. 

 Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Cliff Bar: These bars were pretty good. There were enough chocolate chips and I definitely tasted the peanut. It kind of tasted like a really chewy oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.

The brown rice sushi is amazing. I got it from Costco. It really fills you up.
There is the sandwich thins that I love. 100% whole wheat and only 100 calories.
The Hawaiian rolls are delicious. It's good to indulge in white bread once in a while.

These taste like popcorn. Cheesy too. I like them, but they do make your breath smell.

 Boca burgers are my favorite. I always bake these for about 10 minutes at 350 F. They've vegan and they taste good. These are good if you want a veggie burger that can replace the regular beef patty.

These nuts tasted alright. They have protein, which is good. My favorites out of these are the chocolate covered soybeans and the pecans. I didn't like the almonds much though.

 These oatmeal squares weren't to shabby, but they have HFCS. Also, the white frosting tasted artificial. The bar itself was chewy, but sweet and had enough flavor. At least you get your whole grains from the oats.

 I love LUNA bars and I like peanut butter. These LUNA bars did the trick. I love the peanut butter taste and the chunks of peanuts it had inside. Right on.

 I love cinnamon rolls. I like my raisins too, but I don't want to eat all the fat and calories that come from cinnamon rolls with raisins in them. So, I decided to try this cinnamon swirl bread. It tasted decent for being packaged. There are a lot of raisins, which is a good thing, but the flavor was more in the middle section of the bread.

 The chocolate dipped coconut LUNA bar is one of my top two favorites for LUNA bars. It tastes amazing! It tastes like those Girl Scout cookies. The Samoas. My other favorite is White Chocolate Macadamia. But, for now, these "Samoa" Luna bars is my top favorite for LUNA bars.
The Activia yogurt is delicious. Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, peach. All my favorite, as long as it's the light version.
Here's the repeat I was talking about earlier. Do you see the difference?

 These were decent. They actually tasted pretty good and were a lot sweeter than the Kashi trail mix bars. Especially because the bottom had a creamy thing that made it sweet.

 These are an old time favorite. Who can't go wrong with chewy bars, especially with Nick Jonas on them? ;)
 Sparking green tea? Infused with fruit? Amazing! I loved the taste.

 Comparing this to the other two "trail mix" bars I have tried before, it tastes the same. Pretty good though.
I love granola bars with fruit, nuts AND chocolate. Hopefully, I can find one with all 3.

 OMG! These just came out. They taste awesome! The sweetness of the honey with the salty pretzels make it to die for. Especially with the addition of peanuts. One of my top 4 for LUNA bars. Nutz over Chocolate is also on my top 4. Now, you guys know my top 4 LUNA bar flavors.
 These taste totally different from LUNA bars. Anyway, I like these too. I love the chocolate taste, though it's only at the bottom. You can really taste the peanut butter. This is a bit chewy though.

 As you can see, there is a Chocolate Chip Brownie  LARA bar, blueberries and a diet cherry coke. The first LARA bar flavor I ever tried was the Chocolate Chip cookie dough, and the dates overpowered the bar. So, I was hesitant to try this. However, I'm so happy that I did! These actually tasted like real brownies! Score. I also love how it's all natural ingredients.

I expected a lot from  this flavor, Caramel Nut Brownie LUNA bar. It did disappoint though. I mean, it was decent, but the flavor just seemed a bit off.

 So far, the Peanut Butter Chocolate LARA bar is my favorite flavor for LARA bars. It tasted like a chocolate peanut butter cookie! It was awesome!

I love the name, Fruit 2 O. Fruit water. It tasted alright. It can be better than drinking plain water. I liked it, but I liked the Green Tea better.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my long review post.

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