Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life Updates (Finals Week coming up)

I can't believe it. This semester is almost over! It went by so fast. Then again, I have been so busy with my 19 units that it was hard to keep track of time.

I am also sorry that I haven't been posting a lot lately. I've been so busy. My group and I were preparing for our huge presentation today and I have to say. It went well. We practiced a lot late last night and it paid off because she loved it. The only comment my professor made on my section was my Asian accent (apparently, it's common for Asians). Funny thing is that my whole group is Asian and she didn't comment on theirs. Anyway, we spent countless hours on the project and I can't believe we're finally done with it. We were the last group to present! I'll talk more about my project later on (if I feel like it).

And, guess what. Next week is finals week. Fun.

Well, I am doing my best to keep calm but I am stressing so much about finals. It does NOT help that I am taking 19 units and then finals are coming up.

I am  mainly stressing about my chemistry final. I hope all goes well for that final! I'll be studying my butt off this weekend. The final is Monday night.

For my food preparation class, my final is at 8 am in the morning. It's bright and early in the morning! My Social and Cultural Aspects of Food class final is on Tuesday. I'm going to stress about the chemistry final before stressing about the rest. Those are just some of the classes. My government final was a take home essay and I finished that already. My two other classes will be online, thank goodness.

I also registered for my classes today and I am on the waitlisted for two of the classes I really want to take. I hope I get in! Hopefully, the professor adds more students (she's also my current professor for the Social and Cultural Aspects of Food class).


How is your week going?
Do you like giving presentations?


  1. Sounds like a crazy season, Helen! But hang in there because before you know it, it will be over. I'm so shocked myself that I finished school and now it's behind me. doesn't FEEL like it at the moment. :P And what class project was it? I'm so shocked and kind of alllllmost offended that your professor mentioned your accent. Whether you're Asian or African or from any other decent, I'd still have the same response because unless it's for communications or speech class or something, I find it odd that someone educated would point that out. Haha! Sorry about that--rant over. Phewww! :D

    1. Yes. It has been very crazy! It went by so fast though! And, it was a project for my Social and Cultural Aspects of Food class. It's for us to learn about the other cultures that are here in the USA and to be aware of them and work around them as a health care professional. Our project was about Nepal. My professor has been a RD (with a PhD) for such a long time and has done a lot of traveling and research.
      I wasn't offended about the comment since I know that I am Asian. I just never knew that my accent was that noticeable. I'm just glad that she loved our project that we worked so hard on!

  2. I'm wait listed for one of my courses! I'm #10 on the list but I'm hoping people will drop it. It's a REALLY early morning Anatomy course so fingers crossed there are 11 people who dislike waking up early to learn Anatomy :P

    Good luck with all of your finals!

    1. Thanks! I'm studying so much right now for my chemistry final! And, I'm on the waitlist for nutrition & metabolism as well as chemistry.


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