Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Goals + Random Things

Happy Sunday everyone. As you know, Sundays are my long run days. I ran the half-marathon distance again. The last mile was hard, but I pushed through. I also noticed that since I drink water every two miles, my stomach issues have gone away. Hydration is important!

So, let's recap on my goals for last week. As you know, I took some boot camp classes, which was really fun. I completed that goal. I was unable to take a Zumba class though. Hopefully, I can soon! I'll also will create a schedule today, since I am taking a lot of units this semester.

So, here are my goals for this week.

The past week has been very eventful, as I've said in my last post. I also had some great eats too. Take a look.

I tried this iced cinnamon latte from ecogrounds, and it was alright. There was just TOO much cinnamon in here for me.

I refueled after my boot camp class with Jamba Juice and a kind bar. The Fruit & Nut Delight kind bar  was delicious!

This sandwich was awesome. Pesto, chicken, provolone cheese, tomatoes and some greens. All the flavors just melted together.

That's it for now. The next post will be about comparing two foods. Keep an eye out for it!

How was your week?
What's your favorite post workout snack?

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