Saturday, September 28, 2013

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Happy Saturday everyone! How are you guys doing today?

Well, I'm doing pretty well, thank you very much. I just volunteered for a sports nutrition workshop for my school's track team. It was quite fun. They were a great group and learned a lot from it. As usual, there was the 4:1 carbohydrates to protein ratio for pre-workout and a 3:1 ratio for post workout. 

We also learned that these athletes should eat every two to three hours during meets. It can be snacks such as  Nature Valley Granola bar or some fruit. Drinking water is very important too! Also, the protein requirements for college athletes is twice the amount of the normal person. 

What I also learned is that weight doesn't really matter (it's still important though). As it turns out, someone can still look fit and healthy but weigh more. I was surprised about the weight of some of the girls because I thought they'd weigh less. They looked so fit and healthy. I guess it comes from muscles! So, don't always measure your progress through weight. The measurements of body fat count as well (and how you fit your clothes). I'm not judging or anything but it was an observation. 

At the end of the workshop, the athletes were able to make sandwiches for their lunch. It was to show an example of a post-workout meal. The sandwiches looked so good! There were turkey, cheese, tomatoes, sprouts, avocados, hummus, apples and so many other things that can be used to make sandwiches! Also, there was the Alpine Valley bread (which I love!). I didn't get to make a sandwich, unfortunately. But seeing the hummus, I was in the mood to eat something with hummus after the workshop ended. So, for lunch, I went to Pita Pit after and bought a whole wheat black bean pita with red pepper hummus, cucumbers, spinach and craisins. It was so good ( I love red pepper hummus). 

So, the past week has been a bit stressful. I'd rather not go into it but I have to say, sometimes, unexpected things happened. Classes were fun though. On Monday, in my food preparation class, I made cajun rice (like I've said before, I think). I still won't post the recipe until I re-create it at home. It was so good! Like I said before, I'm really enjoying my classes but there's so much work since I'm taking a lot. I really enjoy my Social and Cultural Aspect of Food Class. What we're learning right now is how religion can influence food choices. 

So, also bought some organic green tea soba noodles and organic teriyaki sauce from the Asian store. I just had to buy the green tea noodles because it's green tea! I also made some whole wheat rotini pasta that my mom likes. I was surprised she liked it because she doesn't really like whole wheat things. I also made whole wheat cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, which I will post later. It's so easy to make.

I also tried foam rolling for the first time. It hurt so good! It really does help. =)

Anyway, I guess that's it for now.

Have you ever attended a nutrition workshop?
What's do you like to eat pre/post workout?

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