Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekly Goals + Other random things

Hey hey everyone. How are you guys today? I know that this post is being posted a bit later than usual but I had a pretty busy weekend! I went to Six Flags con mi familia and we had so much fun. And, I didn't let my trip cut my run long short, which I was tempted to do.

Anyway, I pretty much kept up with my goals last week. I did my best to do some yoga stretches throughout the week. I even did a full yoga workout yesterday for my rest day ("active" rest day). I did my best to stick to my schedule. That's how I'm able to keep track of everything and get everything done. And, for the last part, I did that. Smile and be happy. Just smiling when you're sad can really change your sad mood. It's surprising how one smile can change things!

Here are this weeks goals.

And, now, here are some random foods!

My family bought these pure protein bars from Costco. They are pretty good, in my opinion. There is a bit of a protein powder taste to it but it still tastes good. They're nice, chewy and filling.

I also bought the Naked Smoothies. They are so good! The Berry Blast smoothie and the Green Machine smoothie were awesome! There was also a Mango one that was good but I like these two better.
 I saw these Balance Dark Chocolate Peanut bars at my school store while looking for a snack. The words dark chocolate and new caught my attention. I just had to try it out! Chewy and chocolatey. That's all I can say.

 I know packaged food is bad but if all else fails, here's what I bought. I bought a Turkey Whole Wheat Pita. I read the ingredients list and it was definitely whole wheat. I wanted something sweet, so I indulged and bought a Fiber One brownie. It was actually pretty good. I hate to say that I bought soda but I did. I don't drink soda much but when I do, it is always that kind, the zero calorie kind. Pretty much, it's best to NOT drink soda. Ever. There are just so many negative effects it has to your health!

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. I pretty much had a great week and a great weekend. I did get my hair permanently straightened (it's suppose to last a year) and it took 5 hours! I know, that long. But, hey. At least my hair is easier to manage now.

How was your week?
Do you have any goals?
Do you like roller-coasters?

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