Thursday, September 13, 2012

Odwalla Chewy Nut Bar White Chocolate Macadamia Review

Hey hey everyone! Today was a nice, relaxing day. I didn't do much today. School, running, home, homework, you get the idea.
Anyway, today, I ate this White Chocolate Macadamia Odwalla Chew Nut Bar. White Chocolate Macadamia is one of my most favorite combinations, so I just had to try it. Sorry for the bad photo quality! I was so hungry after my run today that I just wanted to eat it right away.
So, how did these bars taste? Well, it was chewy, of course. It was sweet too. It's texture is totally different from their original bars. There wasn't much of a crunch from the Macadamia nuts. There weren't actually much of them in the bar. But, there was just enough to compliment the white chocolate chips in their. It's not one of my favorite bars, but it was decent. It satisfied me enough after my run.
I switch of from the gym and running outside along the river. Yesterday was my gym workout, and today, I went running along with my friend. It was pretty fun and I've noticed that my endurance has increased from running along the river since the first time. I'm used to running on an indoor track, so the first time running in nature (along the trail) was kind of a shock for me. But, now, I'm getting used to it. We ran about 4 miles today, which was good. I was sweating like crazy though. But it was a good workout and I ran into another friend on the way back. Anyway, I usually do about 7 miles on the elliptical, but it's ok. It's bad to exercise hard everyday, right? Or, it isn't it? I don't know.
Anyway, once I got home, I ate a Boca Veggie Burger with the Kirkland Multigrain rounds (sandwich thins) and some grapes for lunch. It was delicious. For breakfast, I ate my greek yogurt bowl.

Anyway, here's me after my run.

So, what's your favorite post workout snack?
Is there such thing as too much exercise?

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