Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun Weekend! Six Flags!

I had so much fun today. I went to Six Flags with my family. I went on so many rides and had a great time.
We arrived really early, so we had to wait about 10 minutes before they let us go deep into the park. It was really cold in the morning but it warmed up by noon. Once they did let us go, everyone started running to Medusa. Good thing me and my sister were in front because we got to ride on the first ride of Medusa. Well, the workers told us not to run, so we started fast walking after running half way there. It was a good move because once we got off Medusa, there was already a long line (and we went on the first ride of the day!).
After that, we went on Kong. There was no line for that either and we sat up front. Well, maybe it's because the park just opened, but we were so happy we didn't have to wait in line! I remember the first time I went on 7 years ago. It hurt my head. :/
Personally, out of the two, I like Medusa better. Kong is just too bumpy for my liking and it made my shoulders and neck hurt for some strange reason.
After that, we also went on Boomerang!
Even though Boomerang is smaller than Medusa, it seemed a bit scarier at first. Maybe it's because of how we saw how high up we were when we went up backwards on the ride. Anyway, Medusa was so much more fun.
After that was lunch time. Lunch was actually pretty good, in my opinion. I was hoping for BBQ so that I can get a veggie burger, but instead, it was Mexican food (my fav, but so high calorie sometimes!). I ended up getting chicken, refried beans, guacamole (high in fat, but has a lot of nutritional value!) and tortilla chips. It wasn't too bad nutritionally though. It tasted good. I love guacamole.
But, then came the churros and the ice cream bar. I love churros..and ice cream. So, I ate both. I much many calories. I'm a fatty.

Anyway, after that, we went on more rides. We even went on the Voodoo and some other rides like Scat- a-bout (something like that, where someone threw up on the ride...) and other spinning rides. We also went on Cobra, a smaller roller coaster (since my little brother wanted to go on it) and the Tazmanian Devil.
 After that, we got some drinks, I ate another mini churro and then off we went to Monsoon Falls, a water ride. I got soaking wet on that ride. It was awesome. We even stood on the bridge so that we'd get splashed with more water from the ride.
We decided to go the new Superman Ride. What sucked was that it broke down right when we were about to go on! I was so sad. We didn't get to go on it. Then again, the seatbelts didn't look safe at all for that type of ride. There were no shoulder restraints at all. They only had lap ones. I don't believe that's sufficient for a ride that has a 90 degree drop and goes upside down.
After that, we decided to go on Medusa again. Well, that didn't happen because Medusa broke down as well. We were so sad. So, we went on Kong again. After that, we went on other mild rides. There was a ride similar to the spinning tea cups, but instead, it's like spinning monkeys. It was pretty funny because there were these two guys older than me just by a little that kept spinning and spinning it. They got totally dizzy after the ride.
After that, we walked around. They had this:
I can't believe they had Hello Kitty!! I'm so sad though, because I didn't get to win one. The claw almost grabbed it, but it dropped. =(
 And, I can't believe they had this too:
M&M stairs. How awesome is that?
We watched the Dolphin show after that, which was pretty fun. Who knew dolphins can do so many tricks.  I ate a Coconut Chocolate Chip Clif Bar and a little bit of cotton candy while watching it. Then, we went on one last ride and then off we went back home. We stopped by a Chinese Restaurant for dinner.

Anyway, I had a fun day today. But, before I go, I'd like to mention another few rides that you should watch out for.

Roar is the wooden rollercoaster they have there. However, it has broken down far too many times. And, you see that red one that's next to it? It has a dead end and it doesn't look safe. Who knows what can happen with that roller coaster. And, you see the next photo? That's Hammerhead Shark. It spins a 360 but the seat belts and the shoulder strains are too loose. They are fun rides, but there's always a risk.

Anyway, do you guys like amusement parks?
What's your favorite type of rides? I love rollercoasters.
What's your favorite amusement park food?

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