Friday, November 29, 2013

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty nice and relaxing, except for the Black Friday shopping yesterday (or should I say Black Thursday?). My Thanksgiving started off with my own workout routine and eating breakfast. Then, I went on a walk with my extended family around the downtown area. It was pretty nice and the weather was perfect!

After, I went to Walmart to get some Black Thursday deals. Yes, I am calling it Black Thursday because it was Thursday, not Friday, that we shopped! We got some really good deals there! Ha. Serves us right for getting there early. We were lucky that the lines weren't that long at the check-out for us .We rushed through the store and everything. We made it in time for our family potluck dinner, which was pretty nice. I usually bake some sweets but I didn't get to this year because of the shopping. My dad dragged me along so that he wouldn't have to wait too long to get all the special deals Walmart was offering. Oh well. No one missed the sweets (except for my twin cousins, who could eat 10 cookies at once). I am thinking people in my family are trying to eat healthier now, which is a great thing!

Anyway, today's post is suppose to be about my workouts and such. As you have noticed, I've been running less and adding different things into my routine. I want to see if doing less running but doing other things will help improve my physique. We will see though.

How as your Thanksgiving?
How were your workouts this week?

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