Monday, November 25, 2013

Elf 4 Health

I'm so excited to be part of Elle and Lindsay's Elf4Health Challenges! I participated in this last year and I'm so happy to be part of it again. Elle and Lindsay do a great job coordinating, planning and organizing everything.

Well, what exactly is this Elf4Health, you might be asking?

It's four weeks of health challenges that Elle and Lindsay posts! Every two weeks, you are assigned an "elf", who you will talk to and help each other out with the challenges.
The Lean Green Bean

Isn't it a cute button? I think it is! It really speaks to the theme of the challenge. Elf, holidays, get it?

Today's challenge is to Go Meatless. No meat eating for today. It's fairly easy for me because I don't eat meat! 

Oh, I forgot to introduce you guys to my elf. Her name is Danica  and she blogs at It's Progression. From talking to her, she sounds like an awesome person! She's studying to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, which is great! I actually found her blog when she guest posted at Lindsay's blog. I've been hooked to her blog since (although I don't comment). She talks about life, exercise, eating and health. It's a great blog. Go hop over and see! 

How was your weekend?
What challenges are you going to try this week? 
Do you go meatless at least once a week? 

P.S. That is today's tip of the week. Go meatless! =) Also, my professor postponed the chemistry exam! 

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