Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 7 Health Challenge Update (Last Day!)

Hey hey everyone. It's night time for me now and I've finished eating my meals for the day. Here's what I ate today:

Day 7:
Breakfast:  multigrain round, turkey breast sandwich meat (from Costco), sriracha, oranges   300 calories
Morning Snack: my mom's chinese sweet potato soup (I'm guestimating the calories. recipe coming soon!)  200 calories
Lunch:  veggies, chicken/shrimp patty on tofu 200 calories
Afternoon Snack: nonfat froyo from ikea 100 calories
Dinner: quinoa, veggies, turkey sausage, V8 Sparkling Tangerine Raspberry 360 calories
Night Snack:  larabar 220 calories

Total calories: 1380 calories

This does make sense that I ate less today because my exercise was lighter today. But, I was busy all day too. I went to Sprout's today, IKEA and Wal-Mart. 

At Sprout's, I bought this: 

Score! I bought PB& Co Peanut butter. I had a buy one get one free coupon. And, guess what, they had 55 cents off the Dark Chocolate Dreams. Savings! I also got the Crunch Time because I sometimes like to eat crunchy peanut butter too. The Dark Chocolate Dreams is something that I hope tastes like Nutella but healthier!  I also bought Alpine Valley Organic Multi Grain with Omega-3 Bread. It's all natural and the ingredients are good. The nutrition stats are good too. I also like that it's only 65 calories a slice! I can't wait to try these. 

At Ikea, I bought a container to put my lunches in for when school starts back up. Then, after shopping there, my family got hungry so we bought some food to eat from their food court. I got the nonfat froyo (in a cup). 

It was pleasantly delicious. Sweet, creamy, it was good. I didn't get  cone because the cones they use aren't my favorite. I only like sugar cones with ice cream. If it's not sugar cone, I'd rather eat it in a cup. I was surprised that they put it in a cup after I asked. 

We didn't buy much at Wal-Mart. We remembered we were low on milk so we bought a gallon of fat free milk. 

So, the turkey sausage I ate for dinner was Butterball's Polska Kielbasa Turkey Dinner Sausage . 

I enjoyed it. Usually,  my parents buy either beef or pork sausage, so I can't eat it. I don't eat pork and rarely do I eat beef ( I need red meat once in a while. It's rich in iron and protein). 

The Sparking V8 Tangerine Raspberry Sparking Juice? It was like any other sparkling juice. It was good. It was tangy, carbonated (of course) but it was good and full of flavor. It didn't taste artificial. 

picture from
Well, I guess that's it for now!

How was your day?
Do you like sparkling juice?


  1. Oh, you eat actually little food.
    The nonfat froyo looks delicious! You make me wanna eat such a dessert :)
    By the way - high five! I also don't eat pork... but Polish sausages are quite tasty :) (I'm Polish so I know a little about it, haha).

    My day was quite good, actually. I'm a little bit tired but nothing bad happened.

    I like sparkling juice but I can't drink it because I often get addicted to it.

    1. I usually eat more but I was busy yesterday.
      The froyo was delicious. It's my favorite! haha. and, high five on the not eating pork!

      I also get addicted to sparkling juice. It's too good!


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