Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cravings: Iced Gem Biscuits

I remember as a little kid, my mother would always buy Iced Gem Biscuits for me and my sister at the local Chinese store. They were packaged in mini plastic purses, making them even more appealing to young girls. 
Once we arrived home, we'd devour these cookies. First, biting off the icing off the biscuit and then eating the biscuit. It was our favorite snack. I even remember a tooth falling out when I was eating these once. Oh, the memories. I haven't seen these cute snacks in stores here in California for 10 years. They totally disappeared. I miss these snacks. 

I know, these biscuits aren't the healthiest thing in the world but at least they're not the most unhealthiest thing. It's a craving I would definitely give into. It's been too long since I've last eaten these. 

I've seen these online available for purchase but I wish they would sell them in stores. I was so happy to find these when I went to China the past summer. I found them in my parents hometown, Taishan. We were at a grocery store in the town when I found them. I was so happy to have found them. I immediately grabbed the bag and bought them (after asking my mother, of course). We (I) finished eating them within 3 days. They were just so good! 

I know. This is an ugly picture of me but I'm holding the bag of iced gem biscuits we bought. I wish I bought extra to bring back to the states. I forgot to go back to buy some before leaving Taishan. They also had red bean kit-kats I wanted to buy too. Oh well. The only way now is to order these online. 

I'm really craving these biscuits right now. I should probably learn how to make these. I just wonder if I could get the icing on top just right. 

I'm so sorry about this rant. But, I just had to get it out there. There are so many childhood foods I used to like eating but they don't really sell them anymore. Especially these Iced Gem biscuits. Of course, there's Pocky and Hello Panda but they are still around. I wonder when Iced Gem biscuits will make their way back into the markets. In the meantime, I'll have to learn how to make these or possibly order these online. 

Do you like Iced Gem Biscuits?
What's your favorite childhood treat?


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I remember those! I loved those too!! I also loved those I think yan-yan sticks where you have a stick and you dip it in the frosting... so good but it's gotten sooo expensive nowadays :(

    1. I completely forgot about the yan-yan sticks. They were my favorite!


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