Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

I can't believe that it's already the year 2013. So much has happened in 2012 that it passed by so quickly. Here's some highlights of my 2012.

1. Singing in the 5 de mayo assembly. 

Here's the link to the practice. You can find the performance from there.  
I really surprised myself by singing in it. I was so nervous to perform in front of the whole school. But, we both pulled it off and it was a great performance. It was also a great, fun experience. 

2. High School Graduation
Graduating from high school is such an important thing. I was so happy but sad that I was graduating. I'd be entering a new stage of life now. What's even cool is that my grandparents came to see my graduation. 

3. Family Trip to the Motherland, China
I can't believe that I went to the Motherland during the summer. It's my most memorable trip ever. I had so much fun and I got to see where my parents grew up. I miss China. You can see my posts about it in the July/August 2012. 
4. Started College
College. I can't believe it. It wasn't how I expected it to be but it's a new step in life into the real world. I need the education so that I can get  good job later on once I graduate. I'm studying to become a dietitian. 

5. The Elf4Health Challenge
The Elf4Health Challenge that Lindsay and Elle created has helped me realize that it's the little things that can help you live a healthier life. The challenge were great and the relationships built in this community is really something that can help you continue living a healthy lifestyle (and creates friendships too). 

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