Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hearst Castle

 Hey everyone! Guess what. I went to Hearst Castle yesterday.  It was so much fun! What wasn't fun was the 4-5 hour car ride there and back. Yes, my family and I spent 10 hours on the road just to visit Hearst Castle. And, it was so much fun. I'm glad we went. Hearst Castle is so beautiful!
I mean, I learned a little bit about William Hearst in my history class, as he ran one of the most popular newspapers back in the day (think like the early 1900s). But, I never knew about this side of him. I'm so happy he and Julia Morgan (the architect) were able to complete what they were able to until his death. 
There are unfinished parts to the castle. But, it was great to tour it. We went on the grand tour and the kitchen and guest rooms tour. The weather was perfect, compared to the past 100 degree weather. 
Anyway, here are some pictures. 

This was in front of the guest rooms. 

This was part of the castle.  I forgot which part. 

Another part of the castle. It was outside. 
I kept taking random pictures. I thought this looked cool. 

These two were pictures of the pool. This was the outdoor pool and it was so beautiful. There's also an indoor people. 

Hearst invited many guests to his castle. He helped designed it too, since it was also his dream. As the guests stayed longer and longer, they sat farther and farther from him at the dinner table. 

The kitchen was also state of the art (well, it was back then). Even though it was during the Great Depression, Hearst looked at art catalogs and kept buying art. It was his hobby, passion. He even had sculptures and art pieces from hundreds and even thousands of years ago from parts of Europe. '

There was so many things that I learned from the tour. Look at their website and you'll read more about the history of Hearst Castle. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The pool is absolutely gorgeous.  

If you have any questions about any of the pictures, just leave a comment and I'll respond. I couldn't believe that I was at such a beautiful place, when the weather was perfect too. I can't wait until I travel to Spain one day. That is my dream destination. 

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