Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Random Facts

I thought I'd do a fun post so that you guys can get to know me a little better. It's fun thinking of random facts about myself to share. You guys can share some random facts on the comments below too!

  1. I love baking (well, of course you guys can see that!). The fun fact is that I didn't start baking until my freshman year of high school. My family aren't bakers but I decided to take up baking. The first thing I baked were chocolate chip cookies from scratch. 
  2. I used to do ballet. Really. I was around 6 or 7 years old when I took ballet lessons. I hated it and never went back (I wasn't as flexible as the other students). Now, I wish I had continued it. 
  3. Funny thing was that when I was in preschool, I wanted to be a ballerina. During the graduation ceremony, my teacher asked every student what they wanted to be. I said ballerina. It's funny how things turn out later in life. 
  4. I secretly want to become a singer (besides being a Registered Dietitian). I love singing! Everyone that knows me knows that I've been singing since I don't know when (it's been that long!). 
  5. I was always that quiet kid in class. I still am but that's changing now. 
  6. People were surprised when I sang at my high school's 5 de mayo assembly, two years in a row. They didn't think I had the guts to do it (they weren't expecting it either, since I was usually quiet in class. I'm shy!). 
  7. I tried learning to play the saxophone once in high school. I quit after a month. It took me forever to learn to play just the B minor scale. I guess I'm more of a string player. Cello, violin, bass, viola. You get what I mean. I've been playing the cello since I was 9 years old, violin when I was 7 and bass and viola for fun when I was 13. 
  8. Running is my therapy. Nothing is better than going out for a run. It helps me relieve some stress. After my run, I do yoga, which does that and helps me stretch after my run. My running tends to be better when I am in such a GOOD mood (I hope you get the hint of sarcasm here). 
  9. Before, I didn't like peanut butter. It wasn't until high school that I started liking it. 
  10. My Spanish is better than my Mandarin. But, my Taishanese is the best out of the three. Taishanese is the language my parents speak. You can call it the "hill-billy" of Cantonese. People that speak Taishanese also know how to speak Cantonese. 
  11. I don't know if having a blog defies this statement, but, for the most part, I'm a pretty reserved person. 
  12. I have a cousin who was born a day before me and another cousin with the same birthday as me (just different year). How strange is that? 
  13. I want to study abroad for a semester in Spain. I love the Spanish culture. 
  14. Visiting the motherland (China) was an eye-opening experience for me. Seeing where my parents grew up and comparing it to now, we really are lucky. Yea, things have improved but it's not like the USA.
  15. I'm a morning person. I wake up as early as 5 am and then get a good run and yoga session in. 
  16. My favorite old time TV show is Full House! "You got it dude." "No way Jose." "How rude!"  "Have mercy!" Oh, my favorite lines. =) Uncle Jesse was my favorite! ;) 
  17. I was born and raised here in California, USA. I say this because many people ask me, "when did you move here to America?" I don't think I have an accent when I speak English, or do I?
  18. Chocolate is yummy. 
  19. Sometimes when I get really stressed, I start to relax. It's a hard feeling to explain. 
  20. I think I've ran out of random facts to say about myself. But, hey. This is number 20 on the list. 
Now, it's your turn. Name at least 5 random facts about yourself! =) 

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