Monday, August 12, 2013

Tip of the Week

It's important to calculate your maximal heart rate. It can help with knowing what intensity you are exercising in, whether it's for cardiovascular healthy or for weight loss. Here is how you calculate it.

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Step 1: Subtract your age from 220. That will be your Maximal heart rate.

For example, a person is 20 years old.

220-20= 200

This person's maximal heart rate is 200 beats per minute (bpm)

Step 2: If you want to be in the moderate exercise zone, your heart rate should be about 50-70% of your maximal heart rate.

Let's take the heart rate from the previous example.

50% of 200 is 100 bpm.                  0.5 x 200 bpm=100 bpm
70% of 200 is 140 bpm.                  0.7 x 200 bpm= 140 bpm

So, the target heart rate would be between 100-140 bpm for moderate exercise.

Vigorous intensity would be about 70-85% of the maximal heart rate.

I hope this helps!

Do you measure your heart rate while exercising?
Do you guys have a heart rate monitor watch?
I do and it works wonders so that I know what my heart rate really is. It helps that it can tell me approximately how man calories I burned!

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