Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Food Eats Update

Hey hey everyone. I just wanted to post some pictures of what I ate last week. Of course, there are other things I ate like oatmeal, brown rice, chicken and all of that. These are just some other things that I don't eat as often.

This burrito is from Fluid, that coffee shop I've been talking about. I go there once a week.  They have the best coffee and baked goods. Their cookies are amazing, especially their oatmeal one and their whole wheat chocolate chip cookie one. They have organic fair trade coffee too and it's amazing! It's Red bell peppers- roasted with garlic & pesto, spinach, eggs, and dill Havarti cheese. It sounds delicious, right? It was! The picture is only half of the burrito. This was on Friday that I bought this. I'm so glad I did. 

On Thursday, I bought a turkey whole wheat pita. I know that packaged foods aren't the best but I forgot my lunch. So, this was the healthiest thing I can find. I somehow remembered to bring my green tea drink though. I bought it at the asian store. I've been trying to find the green tea drink that I drank a lot of at China. It's so hard to find it. I haven't found it yet, actually. I thought that this would be the closest but it was so plain and bland!

 I also tried this Light & Fit Blueberry Greek Yogurt. I say it tastes fine but my aunts didn't like it.

I bought these two things at 99 Ranch. It's the Hazelnut Duo Nusco and a green tea drink. This green tea drink is the closest that I had in China. The Hazelnut spread is so good! It's like nutella with milk cream. I bought it because it looked interesting. My family loves it.

Anyway, I kind of forgot what I did last week. I worked on my psychology project, I had a psychology presentation and that's about it.

During the weekend, I watched the movie 42. It was so good! It was very educational and funny at the same time. It really tells how the culture was like back then. I also went shopping for a bit after.

On Sunday, yesterday, I spent the whole day at the school library studying. It was more like 6 hours. Hey, it's finals week. The library was packed and so was the 24 hour study building. That building has 4 floors! There was that many people studying during the weekend. I was lucky enough to get a group study room (I rushed in right when the library opened). I was brain dead after studying. It's a good thing my cousin brought snacks.

Today was my history final. I think I prepared pretty well for it. I did the best I could. I also baked this chocolate protein cake. It still needs a bit of tweaking but I'll post it anyway. The taste is good but the texture is a bit off.

So, how are you guys?
Do you like studying for 6 hours straight? Would you be able to?
What's your favorite snack?


  1. Hey hun,
    I've been following your site for a while and just finished reading your posts about China :) I'm studying abroad in China right now and found it really interesting. I love your posts and you should have more of a following. <3

    1. Hi Shani,

      Thanks! China was so much fun. I miss it so much. I'm going to write a post about my thoughts on it once it's been a year since I went (next month). I hope you're having fun in China right now. =)

  2. I was at my local Asian market a few weeks ago and bought an aloe water. I loved it. Have you tried one?
    The burrito looks good. seems you are working hard at school, how much longer?
    former Foodie Pen Pal :)

    1. Hi Dawn!

      I haven't tried the aloe water but I will the next time I go.
      The burrito was good. lol. And, my last final is on Thursday.

      Helen =)


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