Saturday, December 1, 2012

Elf 4 Health

The Elf 4 Health Challenge has been quite refreshing. It really makes me try some new things.

For example, on Thursday, we were to meditate for 15 minutes. It really helps. It really gives you time to reflect on your life and release some of the stressed just for a bit. It's really relaxing. 

Yesterday, we were to eat rainbow, as many colors as we can. Well, I ended up eating brown rice California Roll. It was definitively colorful. 

Today is to donate clothes. I guess it's to get us in a giving mood for the holiday season. It may also help us try to create a new start. 

There has been a lot of things I've been stressed about this week and it doesn't help that finals week is coming up. It adds to the stress. Hopefully, I can get over this. The meditating helped for that moment but then, the stress can hit you again right away. 

Anyway, today is my brother's bday party and I made my M&M cookies. This time, I added dark chocolate chips. Everyone loves them. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the but they're delicious.

Remember that even when you're stressed, there's always someone or something to help you through it. You're not alone.  

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