Friday, November 2, 2012

Vegan Apple Cobbler Cookie, Vegan Cinnamon Crisp, Maria Berta Classic Biscuits, MaraNatha All Roasted Natural Almond Butter, Unsweetened Almond Breeze Milk, Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, Rice Chex, Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins, Adonia Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt, Snicker's Almond Bar,

Hey everyone! How are you guys doing today? I'm doing fine, thank you very much. I have so many things to review today, as you can see from the long title. I'll try and make this quick, since I have other things to do too.

Vegan Apple Cobbler Cookie

As you can probably tell, I'm getting obsessed with trying out vegan pastries. I bought this one yesterday at my school's bookstore cafe.

This cookie was big! I really enjoyed it though. It had oatmeal, raisins and apples. It was moist, soft and sweet. There was a bit of a crunch with the oatmeal, which was nice. It's probably one of the best non chocolate cookies I've eaten.

Vegan Cinnamon Crisp
I actually bought this vegan cinnamon crisp at a local bakery today. It's one of their few vegan pastries. I was craving something cinnamon without the saturated fat from the cinnamon rolls, so I chose this. It was delicious! It was sweet, crispy and had a lot of flavor. It had just the right amount of cinnamon.

Maria Berta Classic Biscuits

I love these biscuits. Only 5 for 117 calories. That's not bad, considering their size. The taste is also great too. Just like a regular digestive biscuit. Crunchy and slightly sweet. I ate some with MarthaNatha All Roasted Natural Almond Butter. Delicious!

MarthaNatha All Roasted Natural Almond Butter

I think I've reviewed this almond butter before but I just have to review it again. It's tasty! It's creamy and it has great flavor. I don't know how to describe it. It's just delicious. You do have to stir it up though.

Unsweetened Almond Breeze Milk Vanilla and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest

I just had to buy the Cinnamon Harvest cereal. It's just too good! Cinnamon, sweet and healthy with lots of fiber and whole grain. The thing is that it's a bit higher in calories. That's why I wanted to try it with the unsweetened Almond Breeze milk, which is low in calories. It was delicious! The milk itself is nice and creamy. With the cereal, it  was delicious!

Rice Chex

I love Chex cereal. These were yummy! They're also gluten free. They're nice and crispy with a lot of flavor. It's hard to explain it. It's like a corn potato chip flavor. It's really yummy though and I eat it plain! You can make stuff with it too, if you want.

Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins
 These granola thins are delicious. Crunchy, sweet and chocolatey. It's a nice treat. The downside is that they are small and messy.

Adonia Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt

I love frozen yogurt, so why not try frozen greek yogurt? This was delicious. Nice and creamy. There was a bit of an artifical vanilla flavor but it was still pretty good. I made a float with a diet coke. Delicious!

Snicker's Almond Bar

Oh boy. Chocolate candy. They're so high in calories but so delicious! I decided to try this almond one, hoping that it's "healthier." Well, it's not but I can at least pretend it is at least a little bit healthier. It was delicious. Chewy, caramel, chocolate with a crunch from the almonds. Delicious. If only they used dark chocolate. That reminds me. We still have tons of chocolate candy left from Halloween. We didn't have very many trick or treaters this year due to the weather. I'm going to make M&M cookies with the leftover M&M's we have.

Anyway, back to today. I bought some things from the store today. Here's what I bought:
I just had to get the dark chocolate kettle corn because it's dark chocolate and it's popcorn. It's only 130 calories form 1 and 2/3  cup! Such a good deal for the calories. I bought the pretzels so that I can make my own dark chocolate covered pretzels with the dark chocolate chips I have. I may even sprinkle some shredded coconut when I make them (whenever that may be). I love candy corn, so I bought it (I'm the only one that likes it in my family, so they don't buy it). I also bought a LUNA bar, since the store I went to, they sell them at one of the lowest prices I've found for LUNA bars.

I was so surprised to see this at the store. I didn't they they made this flavor yet:
haha. My friend and I were talking about this yesterday, saying that they would probably make this in the future. But, hey, it looks like they've already made Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M's. I'm going to buy them next time, after we finish all of our snacks.

Anyway, do you like chocolate and coconut together?

By the way, hoy es el Dia de los Muertos!

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