Friday, October 25, 2013

"What's your excuse?"

A few weeks ago, Maria Kang received a lot of criticism about her facebook picture, with the words, "What's your excuse?" The picture included Kang posing with her children and showing off her washboard abs.

Comments went from saying she was "fat-shaming" other women, to encouraging comments, saying that they admired that she is able to balance fitness, kids, and work. I admire her for that. She left herself out to criticism. That really does take strength.

No matter how busy your lives are, there is always time to keep track of your health. Kang, for example, wakes up early to workout before her kids wake up. That is dedication. Trust me on this. I have been waking up at 5 in the morning for the past 3 or 4 years now. It takes time getting used to.

Many Americans do not like waking up early to, nevertheless, to workout! Most Americans I know love sleeping in. They say they will find time during the day to exercise, but at the end, their schedule gets too busy or they are "exhausted" or "tired" by the end of the day to workout. You know what, maybe the exercise can give you the energy you need! Exercise after work. Take the time to get up early and exercise. You can start off with just walking and yoga. Build it up from there. If you have kids, just play at the park with them. That is also exercise, especially if you are carrying your kids up to the slides or running around the grass with them. You can also go for a run while your kids play at the park.

Think about it this way. Do you want to be overweight and sitting there with no energy, watching your kids play at the park? Or do you want to have the energy to run around and play?

Another message is that eating healthy is important for the family as well. She does not just eat healthy for herself. She feeds healthy foods to her children. Get your children involved with cooking from an early age. That way, they get to experience cooking food. Kids also love to eat the foods they help cook. If you introduce healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, at an early age, they are less likely to eat unhealthy foods later on in life. You get to help prevent childhood obesity, improve their health and yours as well.

Kang is really inspiring. She is a local (in my area) and I have to say, the weather is great here until the winter. Weather can make a difference with food availability (due to agriculture) as well as working out outside. I have to admit that the way she could have expressed her message should have been different. Saying "What's your excuse?" can really offend people. Using softer language would have been better.

I admit, I was jealous when I first saw the picture. My body looks no where like hers and yet, she has been through three pregnancies. However, I do understand the message she was trying to give.

I have not answered her question yet, have I? What's my excuse? Apparently, I do not have one. My excuse to work out is for my health and for my physical and mental well-being. Exercising helps me relieve stress. What's my excuse to not workout? Quite frankly, I just want to live life.

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