Sunday, February 10, 2013

2nd Week Back and Recent Eats

Who said college was easy? 

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It's not. You have to study. You have to read, do homework, make charts, do projects, keep in touch with friends and make time for yourself. If you have a job, it adds even more stress!

You see, it's not easy. 

That's how it has been for me. There is so much reading that I have to do, and there's no teacher nagging you to do it. You're independent and on your own when it comes to homework and studying. 

Don't slack off and be lazy. You go through the material twice as fast in college. Do your "assigned" readings and homework. Study for tests. Take good notes. That's what I'm doing and it does help!  

As for friends, it can be easier or harder to make friends. If you live in a dorm, you make friends with people within. If you live at home, you have to depend on the classroom. And, you know what? People don't usually stay and hang out after class or talk much to others. They mainly mind their own business. Its up to YOU to start the conversation and make acquaintances or friends. It's also up to YOU to keep in touch with them. 

Do you know why I am saying this? I started talking to my classmates more this semester and I'm starting to make new friends. It's a great feeling, different from last semester. I was so shy last semester, but I know I have to break out of the shell. 

As for making time for yourself, it can be hard once you are bombarded with homework, studying and "hanging out with friends." It may be hard to find time to get a good workout in or do some things you like such as baking, playing an instrument , keeping up a blog, or what not. It's all about balance. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I admit that I am getting better at it though. One thing that can help is making a schedule!

Now that I have said all of that, here are some recent eats:

I went to PitaPit con mi primo the past week and I got the Spicy Black Bean with a whole wheat pita. I asked for spinach, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, bbq sauce, and craisins. It was delicious!

 Then on Thursday, I got the Berry Fulfilling from Jamba Juice. Yummy!

 I just had to show you guys a picture of the Belgian Chocolate. It has a cello on it. It also tastes pretty good!

On Friday, I went back to that local coffee shop and ordered the Mexican Mocha with soy milk. It was awesome! It tastes better than the Mayan Mocha I had from EcoGrounds (which was still good though!).
The bread is a Chocolate AnPan Man from a local  Japanese Bakery.

We went to Hometown Buffet for brunch on Saturday and I finally ate a cinnamon roll. It was so good! I also ate some carrot cake, which I haven't really tried before. I love carrot cake now! Also, they had an omelette station where you can order an omelette. It was pretty good.

What's cool is that I received this from my parents. It was my grandmothers:

It's a rice cooker with a steamer attachment. I get to cook quinoa and steam veggies and meat at the same time! Look at the pictures below. I steamed quinoa on the bottom, with shrimp. cauliflower and green beans in the steamer portion. It's super healthy. Maybe I can steam fish next time. Also, I made a sauce with sriracha and soy sauce. It's so good! I'm so happy I have this. I get to make my own easy, healthy and fast meals! 

I guess that's it for now! My weekend has been busy with Chinese New Year stuff. I love eating the vegetarian dish (Buddha's Delight or Jai)  my mom makes every year for Chinese New Year. It's delicious!

How was your weekend?
Are you a meat lover or a vegetable lover (or both?)?

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