Monday, May 21, 2012

Odwalla Bar Review: Blueberry Swirl

 大家好!What's up, you guys? How are you? I'm doing fine. So, today, I ate the Odwalla Blueberry Swirl. I'll review it after I tell you guys about my day.
I was really bored at school today, since it  was Senior ditch day and guess what. I went to school. I was one of a handful of seniors that actually went to school. I know of only 3 seniors besides me that stayed the entire school day. Anyway, it was a boring day. Since almost all of my classes were senior classes, I was really bored and had nothing to do. My teachers didn't even bother to teach today, except in my anatomy and physiology class.
Anyway, after school, I went to an ice cream shop across from my school and bought some soy mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was delicious. :) I got soy because as you know, I'm trying to eat healthy and I'm a vegetarian ( something my parents will never let me be). The soy cream was still vegan though. ;)
Anyway, back to the Blueberry Swirl Odwalla Bar. What I liked about this bar is that the size is fairly decent for the amount of calories it has. I like that it uses mainly healthy ingredients and that it's vegan (for the most part, unless it came in contact with dairy somehow). It was soft and chewy, had the right sweetness and I loved the blueberries that it had. It was quite satisfying. However, I prefer Clif bars over this bar. However, since I bought this for 78 cents at my local grocery store, it's quite a deal. I also didn't like that it was a bit dry, but it's okay. LUNA Bars, LARA bars and Clif bars are the way to go.
On the other hand, I have a real pet peeve. When people go on twitter, they need to be considerate about what they tweet. There is such a thing called online etiquette and manners.

What is your guy's favorite type of food bar? 
What's your most favorite type of food? 


  1. /Why did you decide to go to school on senior ditch day

    1. Hey Anonymous.

      That's a good question, but I don't have an answer for that. Maybe, it's because I don't think it's smart to ditch school. But, hey. everyone has their own opinion on things.


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