Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 de mayo assembly and Senior Ball

Hey everyone! I can't believe it. The past couple days have been great. First, it was the 5 de mayo assembly and then Senior Ball.
I've already talked a little bit about the assembly the last post, but I'll talk about it a little more.  I sang Bella Traicion. The assembly went really well. I was really nervous at first but I pulled through. You should have seen me. I kept wanting to practice so that everything would be perfect. Here's the link to the sound recording of me practicing with Jose Luis, the guitarist, before the assembly.

He did an amazing job playing guitar. He was quite nervous too, but he did great. :) The first assembly went pretty well and everyone really got into the song. The 2nd assembly was good too, but I didn't get the same feel as I did from the 1st one. But, I guess everything went great because tons of people came up to me and him, complimenting us. People even came up to me the next day at Senior Ball just to compliment me. I'm not bragging, because I feel like I didn't do a good job. I think I'm only an average singer like everyone else, but then again, how many people even have the courage and confidence to sing in front of hundreds of people?

so, I'm going to let you guys tell me what you think of the performance. Here's the link.

The whole performance wasn't recorded but most of it was. Also, I think that the practice one before the assembly started sounds better than the actual performance. Here's a pic of me and Jose Luis. It's not a good pic but it will do. This was taken after the assembly was over.

me and Jose Luis

Now, about Senior Ball. I almost didn't go to Senior Ball last night. I actually wasn't able to decided whether I should go to the dance or not until the day before the dance. But, I'm glad I did go. I had a great time with my friends. It was fun dancing. I only planned to stay for an hour or so, but I ended up staying there until it ended.
The music choices were ok, but they weren't great. At least you could dance to the music. One of my friends dances really crazy while one of my other friends doesn't really know how to dance except the disco. Refreshments were only okay. There was candy and water. It was yummy candy though. It was a night to remember though and I'm glad I went. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You're only a senior in high school once. You'll be graduating, so make the most of it.
Sadly, I am unsure if I can post the group pictures of me with my friends since I need their permission first. I know for a fact that one of them would be unhappy with it. So, I'll just post the same picture of me I have earlier before and me with my AP Psych and Econ teacher, Mr. Griffin.
Me before going to prom
me with Mr. Griffin, my AP Psych and Econ teacher. 

Mr. Griffin  is a pretty awesome guy. He hurt his calf last week though. I hope for a speedy recovery.
Oh yea...speaking of my AP Pysch teacher,  I have my AP Psych test tomorrow. I'm so nervous.
studying for AP Psych

So, how was your guy's weekend?
How was your 5 de mayo?
What do you think of my 5 de mayo performance?

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