Sunday, April 14, 2013

Revolt With Reason: Interview With Tyler Church

Let me go ahead and introduce Tyler Church, the lead singer and guitarist of the band Revolt With Reason.

Tyler Church is a 19 year old student that attends Sac State University, where I also attend.  He's from Palmdale, California, which is in the SoCal area.  He's studying nursing at Sac State. I admire those that want to become a nurse. The actual job is a lot of work, physically and mentally. Sorry that I got off topic, but yea. He's also the lead singer and guitarist for Revolt With Reason (as I've mentioned already)

He started learning to play guitar at 13 years old and as you can see, his skills have come a long way. He was more than happy to be interviewed for my blog. Gracias, amigo. =)

So, here's the interview. Enjoy. =)

Did you learn something new about Tyler or about the band?
Do you have any questions you want to ask about him or the band?

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