Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun Picnic Day

Yes. This cow was at the U.C. Davis Picnic Day. Don't worry. It was either painted or a suit. I don't remember which. But, that sure did catch you attention, right?
tomato plant
And, yes. I went to Picnic Day yesterday. I think it was their 99th Annual Picnic Day. And, to tell you the truth, it was my first time going. I mean, my cousin and friends attend (or have already graduated  from there, but I never attended their picnic day until yesterday. I'm happy to say that I'm glad that I went. It was so much fun. Everyone that attends Davis (and their friends and family) come. I even saw a car with a license plate from Texas.
Anyway, back to Picnic Day. I went with a few friends and we got a lot of stuff from there. The first thing we did was get a sample of the nitrogen ice cream they made. Nitrogen is much cooler than ice so, it freezes the ice cream mixture a lot faster. Then, the gas evaporates. It was so good. We also watched cockroaches race. It was pretty interesting (I hate cockroaches!).
We then watched part of the parade. There was so much to do. There were exhibits about entomology (the studying of plant diseases) and things about animals too. I wanted to learn more about the entomology part since where I work, it's part of what they do. It was pretty interesting. We got a free tomato plant and a free strawberry plant. I can't wait until they grow. I want my strawberries! Here's how they look planted in my backyard. You can't even see the strawberry plant since it's so small!

strawberry plant

We also did some honey tasting and it was pretty tasty. I thought that I would like the pomegranate honey but it was the least of my favorite.
My friend,  Amanda, was brave enough to do some maggot art. I was creeped out. They put maggots in paint and we'd use tweezers and place the maggots on paper. They would move around. leaving the paint there.
We also got to hold baby chicks, which was fun. The chick didn't like me though and jumped out of my hand a couple times. They're so cute!
There were other animals too. My friends pet a horse and they held a rat. I didn't though. I'm not really an animal person. I do think animals are cute but I wouldn't want to touch them. There was also a cow there that kept mooing really loud. That's another reason why I want to be a vegetarian again...
Anyway, there was also an exhibit of how to separate DNA. I did this experiment in my AP Biology class in high school and it was fun. We separated strawberry DNA.
We wanted to play Laser Maze but they sold out of tickets once we got there.
There were also a lot of samples that we got. I got pens, pencils, a calender, post it notes and that stuff. There were some venders there that were giving out free samples. Here's a picture of the samples:

The coffee sample is suppose to be easy on the stomach. The LundBerg Sante Fe Barbeque Rice Chips and the Short Grain Brown Rice are gluten free, organic, and GMO free. They're healthy and environmentally friendly, which was the main point of the picnic day. It had a lot of things about the environment.

Anyway, that was basically what we did at picnic day. Oh yea. My friends kept taking pictures of dogs since the dogs looked so cute.

After walking around for 4 hours, we finally decided to sit down and eat lunch. We decided to go off campus to eat. But, while driving there, we saw my cousin crossing the street. He saw us and he called me, asking where we were going. Of course, we were going to In-N-Out to eat. He actually joined us later on. But, he had to leave early since had another event to go to. I ordered the protein style hamburger at In-N-Out and it was pretty good. It was a bit messy though....

After eating and that stuff, me and my friends went to Trader Joe's. Apparently, their bananas are really cheap. I haven't been to Trader Joe's in so long! Here's what I got, but I wish I bought some bananas too.

I got all Trader Joe Brand items. I got the Smooth Unsweetened almond milk, the Spicy Black Bean dip, the Dark Chocolate with Raisins and Pecan, and of course, the Trader Joe's Cookie Butter! I've heard reviews about the cookie butter and the spicy black bean dip. I actually ate the cookie butter this morning by making a sandwich with it. It was so good. It tastes like a cookie! I drank coffee along with it.I'm also excited to try the dark chocolate bar. The combination sounds pretty interesting.

After Trader Joe's, we drove back home. Then, my family went shopping. I bought a cool new creamed colored lace t-shirt. Then, we went to a grocery store and we bought honey-glazed turkey breast to make sandwiches with, and some all natural skippy chunky peanut butter. We bought a lot of other things too for the week.

And, that's about it. My next post will be quinoa pancakes. Be on the lookout for it! Then, the post after that will be about body image.

How was your weekend?
Have you tried Trader Joe's Cookie Butter?


  1. Hi Helen,

    We always grow our own baby tomatoes during our Spring-summer seasons. Hope you have all the best luck with your harvest!


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Thank you! It'll be the first time harvesting for me. My parents usually grow other vegetables/plants but this is the first time with tomatoes and strawberries.



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