Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Birthday/Graduation Party (Parties)

Hey everyone! I can't believe how amazing my weekend was. Since my graduation is close to my birthday, I decided to have a birthday/graduation party. That was on Saturday and it was fun! My whole family came and a few friends.
For the party, I made sushi. I doubled the recipe since there would be so many people. It was a big hit! Everyone loved it and kept eating it.
Anyway, back to the party. My friends came over and we ate pizza and watched a tv show. Of course, I got cheese pizza. Everyone else got the smokehouse barbecue, Hawaiian or regular pepperoni. The pizza was delicious. We were full after, since we also ate sushi and had soda with it. I know, a dietitian's nightmare. Anyway, after resting and watching more shows, we decided to walk to the nearby park.
We brought a soccer ball, a football and a volleyball. However, we ended up not playing because we decided to play on the playground. We climbed, went on the swings and all the little fun kid stuff. We also found a stray dog. My friend Jo loves dogs and she played with the dog. We named him Fang. According to Jo, it looked like Fang was recently abandoned. So sad. She decided to take her to the animal shelter, which she did after we walked back to my house. Hopefully, Fang finds his old owners. If not, then a new home. Here's a picture of my friend Jo holding Fang.
My family came after a while. We always have a huge family dinner when it's someone's birthday or some sort of occasion. Almost everyone came this time. I baked some vegetable egg rolls and there were so many other Chinese food. It was delicious (well, the vegetarian ones). My mom even made my favorite red bean soup. It was delicious.

When my family came, we ate, talked and hung out. I even played some games with my cousin's daughters ( I call them my nieces, but I don't know the actual name of what to call them. 2nd cousin?). They're so cute.

After, we realized that the cake might not be enough for the whole family and friends, so my dad went to Winco and bought a Cookies N Cream Ice Cream Cake.
I ate slice of both cakes! I know. I'm a fatty, but hey, it's my birthday/graduation party so, it's okay for me to indulge once in a while. ;) I liked the ice cream cake better though.

Anyway, I also went to San Francisco to visit my other cousins during the weekend. They surprised me and bought me a Strawberry Cake. It was the best cake I've ever eaten! Don't you see how delicious the cake looks?

me cutting the cake

Thanks again for the delicious cake! It was the best cake ever (even though it's not chocolate!). I have to go to that bakery some time and try some of their other baked goods. I should also learn how to make it too.

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