Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My weekend and delicious Veggie Dogs

Hello you guys! I can't believe it. I'm going to be graduating! I'm so pumped for graduation. My grandparents are visiting to come watch. I'm so happy they took the trip to watch my graduation ceremony.
The past couple of days were quite fun.  I made 蒸鸡蛋糕 for my grandparents to eat. They loved it. :) I also love hearing their words of wisdom.
Well, yesterday, even though I have no more school, all the seniors had to go back to school just to pick up the cap and gown for graduation. I don't know how long the gown is suppose to be, but, it goes a little bit past my knees. I wonder if it's suppose to be longer or not. Anyway, someone gave me this delicious chocolate bar as an early birthday present.

Lindt's Dark Roasted Almond chocolate bar. This person knows me so well. :) I mean..almonds and dark chocolate? Most people would like regular milk chocolate or peanuts or carmel. This chocolate is also more on the expensive side, but they bought it anyway. Thank you so much. You're the best. The chocolate is delicious. :)

Anyway, after picking up my graduation stuff, me, my cousin and her guy friend went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. They ordered the salted fish and chicken fried rice. But, since I already made my own lunch (my hummus rotini), I ordered a red bean ice dessert. It was delicious.

The red bean is on the bottom of the cup. They even drizzled some caramel on top too. It seriously was one of the best red bean frozen desserts I've eaten. I also love red bean ice cream, red bean popsicle, all that stuff, but seriously. It was amazing.

Anyway, let's talk about today. There was no school, for one thing. I also bought some Veggie Dogs. 

I ate them with whole wheat bread. The veggie dogs are only 50 calories each and each slice of bread is 75 calories. For one hotdog, I ate it with hummus. It was delicious. On the other one, I ate it with ketchup, mustard and relish. Also yummy too. :)
For snacks, I had this: 
My dark chocolate and dried blueberries. I'm addicted to dried blueberries. They are my favorite. I also had some apples and chocolate covered pretzels too.

I'm pretty happy that I've stayed a vegetarian for a couple weeks now. My friends doubted I could do it, but I can. It's easy, actually.

Anyway, what's your guy's favorite food?
Do you like chocolate, red bean or both? (I know I LOVE chocolate AND red bean)


  1. I looove dark chocolate! Sometimes, the simpler the chocolate, the better in my opinion...and congratulations girl! I'm so proud of you and oman omannnn you make me feel old! lol. I'm 24. ;) Do you know where you're going for school?

    1. Dark chocolate is the best! and, yes, the simpler, the better. I agree with that. ;)
      and, thank you so much. high school was hard with the AP classes I was taking, but I made it through.
      you shouldn't be feeling old! You look so young!There isn't a big age difference anyway. We're also around the same height too. 5 ft 2? right?
      and, I plan on going to one of the CSUs. I'll email you. :)


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