Monday, April 2, 2012

Cliff Kid Z Bar Honey Graham

Hey hey everyone. As you probably know, it's my Spring Break. Fun. Well, not really. It's just relaxing, getting to stay home all day. It'd be fun to travel and go to Disneyland but I guess that can wait.
Anyway, back to the post. You guys can probably tell I love granola bars. I eat them daily whenever we have them around the house. Wanting to eat more healthy, we got the Cliff Kid Z Bar, the honey graham.
So, how did these bars taste? Well, there was definitely some honey flavor to the bar. It was sweet. It was also pretty chewy and soft too. However, where did the graham part go? I didn't really taste it. The flavor was mainly dominated by fig too. If you're not a fan of figs, then, you probably wouldn't like this bar. I liked how it was chewy, sweet and had a hint of cinnamon, but I wasn't really expecting fig. Overall, it was a decent bar though. Here's a picture:

The nutrition isn't that bad either. 120 calories. Even though the bar is small, it ain't that bad. It's organic. You can look at their website for the nutrition.

So, how do you guys spend spring break?
Do you like granola bars? What's your favorite type?

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