Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clif Kids Z Bar Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Chip Review

 Hey everyone. Today, I've decided to review the Cliff Kids Z Bars. We bought them at Costco the past weekend. The Chocolate Brownie and the Chocolate Chip. Yes. Chocolate. I love chocolate. Anyway, let's see. The left picture is the Chocolate Brownie Flavor while the right side is the Chocolate Chip. They both taste good.
The first time that I tried the Chocolate Brownie was a couple months ago, and I wasn't very fond of the flavor. However, eating it again, it tastes a lot better. It tastes like real brownies with some chocolate chips in them. My favorite. My brother even loves these. As usually, the bars and soft and chewy but they have a great flavor.
Now, for the Chocolate Chip. When my sister first saw it, she said that it looked like someone chewed it up and then threw it up. She says it tastes fine though. However, when I ate it, it tastes almost like the honey graham The only difference is that there's chocolate.
So, now, I have reviewed all the Clif Kids Z Bar flavors that are in the Costco box. My most favorite is the Chocolate Brownie while my least favorite is the Honey Graham.
However, there is one flavor I've eaten before that isn't included in the box. It is the blueberry flavor. The blueberry is my most favorite out of the Clif Kids Z Bar. Yes, although it's not chocolate, it's my favorite. Then again, I do love blueberries too.

So, have you guys ever had bad experiences with granola bars? 
What's your least favorite granola bar so far that you've eaten? 

Mines would have to be the Nutri-grain bar. Those are artificial tasting and are pretty gross. They are also UNHEALTHY.


  1. I love z bars! chocolate chip is classic :)

    1. Yes! Chocolate chip is a classic. It's one of my favorites! I love how Z Bars are organic and healthier than other granola bars. I also love LUNA bars too. :) and regular cliff bars.


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